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    What's your car?

    1995 Mazda 323F in dark green
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    AnimeUKNews top 10 animes (and top 10 fav anime list)

    1: Fist of the North Star 2: Ninja Scroll 3: Neon Genesis Evangelion 4: Samurai Champloo 5: Berserk 6: Full Metal Alchemist 7: Cowboy Bebop 8: Akira 9: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 10: Hellsing
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    God of War II

    Its much easier than the first one (which was rock hard) but still awesome (but too short)
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    How many anime DVDs do you own at home?

    384 anime dvds. my pride and joy
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    What old anime is everyone currently watching?

    Berserk 3x3 Eyes FOTNS series
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    Worst Anime EVER

    Opinions are like assholes That has got to be the quote of the month. I'm gonna try and use that in every day life. Armageddon - utter shite I like Ninja resurrection
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    Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

    Piku - Chem Bros We'll See What's So F*cking Funny When I'm F*cking Dead - Stuntrock Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix) - Venetian Snares Flow Coma (AFX Remix) - 808 State
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    Do you believe in (a)God? If not, whats your reason?

    don't believe. one (of many) reasons: Evolution. as far as the bibles concerned, dinosaurs didnt exist
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    FF XII

    also currently in the osmone plains everyones at levels 26-29 (gave that wild saurian a timely whooping) fave characters would have to be basch then balthier, but Vaan sucks ****. Worst main character yet.
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    Age and Sex

    24 male oh yeah
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    What did you BUY today?

    3x3 eyes pefect collec Fist of the north star (movie) Demon City Shinjuku Berserk perfect collec Cyber city oedo 808 all on region 0 dvd
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    European PS3 Details

    Heard a rumor that due to severe stock shortages it might be delayed till september. repeat. RUMOR
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    Favorite FF Game and Most Hated FF game

    Best: FFVII: best storyline, best characters, best everything Worst: X-2: **** characters, **** story. but good battles.
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    How known are you on Animeuknews above you? (forum game)

    8. your everywhere hovis
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    That new Naruto series.

    I thought manga were only releasing the first 52 episodes (for the moment at least)
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    In praise of Villians - who would make your top 3?

    1: Raoh (FOTNS) 2: Tessai (Ninja Scroll) 3: Vicious (Bebop)
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    Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

    Love: Thing that turn into the exact opposite of what you want - Stuntrock I'm working out so I can fight off people that may try to prevent me from killing myself - Stuntrock Aqap - Venetian snares Hate: America - Razorlight (my mate wont stop listening to it)
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    MVM's early 2007 DVD releases include two boxsets

    Le Portrait de Petite Cossette looks pretty promising
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    Review: Samurai Champloo #6

    Consistently excellent. Quality dub, excellent characters. Man I love this series
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    Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

    Love: First Chance I Get I Am Licensing This Track To A Car Commercial Or Video Game, So F*ck You And Your No Sell Out, Anti-Establishment Posturing, Or Some Such In Your Face Remark Of That Sort - Stunt Rock Music I would normally hate but for some strange reason I find myself liking...