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    Hey a little discusion about fanfiction

    A very good Ashton Kutcher fanfiction. "Driver, please stop for a minute at that middle school. I want to stretch my long legs," said Ashton from the backseat of his stretched limo. "Yes sir, Mr. Kutcher," stated his English driver, Geeves. Ashton looked hot in his trucker hat. The...
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    What you guys doing right now.

    9, Probably the favourite one I have played.
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Currently suffering from post final fantasy completion depression.
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    Another stabbing spree in japan

    Heh, Women.
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    Go by yourself. I did. Yes, it was an ok movie, but like Sy said it could have done without the humans. The children in the cinema were annoying, Asking about motives, Could that have been due to the lack of robot dialog?
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    Is it ok for a boy to like girly anime?

    Being Sarcastic right?
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    Lol@My Music Coursework

    Oh I see.
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    Lol@My Music Coursework

    What was the "question" for the coursework? I remember doing it and everything had to be written ourselves. Still, I got an A. It's a dos.
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    A question about Neo magazine

    I buy it occasionally. I live two minutes from their headquarters, went there to hand in a readers questionnaire hoping they'd give me the prize because I came in person. They did not.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    LSD dream thing, quite weird. Here it is if you have a PSone emulator:
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    Things you REALLY hate!!!

    Most of DeathNote_Holder's posts. Also people saying how big my penis is, STOP LOOKING AT MY TROUSER MEAT PERVERTS.
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    Best thing thats ever happened to you?

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    Jimmy Carr

    I saw him walking down Poole high street once... Anyway, I used to like him, but now find him very annoying and boring.
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    Soulja Boy pilots a Gundam!

    What a penis.
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    Is there an anime store in Exeter?

    Not really, there is a comic book shop down the high street, near walkabout pub about in this arcade that sells manga, but nothing else.
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    4 chan

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    What you guys doing right now.

    You sure about that?
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    Finished the first four volumes of this the other day and I enjoyed the whole thing very much. It's by the same guy that did Azumanga Daioh. Anyone else read it?