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    New Hajime no Ippo broadcast announced

    it's one of those rare long mangas that doesn't get worse ;)
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    New series of Hajime no Ippo to start in January!

    indeed awesome!! yeah i hope so too, wait dub? i assume you mean voices so yeah! Especially takamura and ippo they were bloody perfect and brilliant voice actors
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    New Hajime no Ippo broadcast announced

    oh there was already a topic didnt notice ^_^ i most certainly will whenever that is :P
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    New Hajime no Ippo broadcast announced Amazing!! now i'm wondering how i can support this.. who do i donate to? :P
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    Quarter finals Battle 1 - Girls

    casca. ( i love berserk )
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    Why is Neon Genesis Evangelion so darn popular?

    Re: Why is Neon Genesis Elvangelion so darn popular? haha that´s ironic because a person who haven´t seen one piece and looks at clips on youtube will absolutely find it silly ^^
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    What anime does this quote apply to?

    Can´t comment on CG but i totally agree with u on bleach and naruto, completely unwatchable nowadays if u were to ask me. Great disciple kenichi something is another anime i think sorta downgraded.. got a little absurd after a while actually..
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    Round 2 Battle 8 - Girls

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    Round 2 Battle 8 guys

    Kakashi. i dont like naruto but i like kakashi
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    Round 2 battle 7 guys

    Kurz. solely so that a bleach character wont win.. hows that for just ;p
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    Round 2 Battle 7 - Girls

    After 2 seconds of careful consideration i went with casca
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    Hunter x Hunter Licence?

    HxH was indeed amazing but the manga kinda gradually degraded. for me atleast
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    Tag battle Team Mecha vs Team Jump

    Portgas D. Ace Team Jump
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    Round 2 Battle 6 - Guys

    also trauma ^^ (tora uma if u dont remember)
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    Round 2 Battle 6 - Girls

    Yuki yes
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    Round 2 Battle 6 - Guys

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    Round 2 Battle 5 - Guys

    Wut? :E