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    Kung-Fu Hustle

    man I'm going to have to rent this, I'm always tempted when I see it in the video store. this and ninja terminator ftw
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    man get portable ops, it rocks, especially for a psp game, its gota be imported though but theres alot of sites that sell it as if it was a UK copy It's so worth it though, i recomend it for any tactical espionage action fan
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    Manga Force - UK anime magazine hits national TV

    I subscribed with this a few months ago, then recieved a letter telling me that 'we cannot continue your subscription due to reasons beyond our control' I hope this gets up and running again, but I really cannot be bothered to subscribe all over again, the presentation of the whole thing is...
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    Transformers Movie new trailer

    wow nice trailer, I had no idea this was coming out, it looks impresive but I guess it was the trailer. I was surprised at the 'executive producer: Steven Spielberg' part, I hope the mecha share the same high quality cgi as the war of the worlds tripods looks well worth a look, I mean how...
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    Do you think anime in the uk has grown?

    I think Cornwall's MVC is still on year one of Zentrons description meh x(
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    Favorite "Non Anime" cartoons

    Yeah I have'nt seen samuria jack for such a long time (since my family got rid of sky) But that was the episode that just really stuck out for me, I have'nt even seen the episode you mentioned,,, man I miss that show alot. :(
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    Manga Design PC Mags

    wow nice magazines, Ill have to keep an eye out for these, still haven't got round to ordering that Advanced Photoshop manga edition I was looking around on Imagine FX's website and I found this ... nners.html not really a tutorial or anything but...
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    If you like that, you'll like this (thread game)

    Ah right sorry, I kind of went off on one when I read game in the title.. meh was posting whilst playing psp and watching starship troopers lawl
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    If you like that, you'll like this (thread game)

    lol never mind I just read that tiny writing ^^ But my first post still stands
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    greetings to you all

    hey there your village sounds like so many places around where I live lol, so many stories of sheep getting on busses and stuff..
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    If you like that, you'll like this (thread game)

    Also I think it was you hopeful_monster who recomended a cool looking mecha anime but I cant remember the name, it sounded like an Egyptian name or somthing like that..
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    If you like that, you'll like this (thread game)

    I love armored core (Game) to the point of madness, I've liked anime for a while but I'm still not too well informed about it, (due to geographical reasons and the fact I know about 1 person in the whole of my college who likes anime) I've seen Eva series and films and Gundam wing + seed...
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Posting what I'm doing right now on the What are you guys doing right now? Thread
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    2007 Provisional Release Dates

    Rofl, could'nt aggree more, I want Teamfortress 2 so bad its unreal,,, what was that? unreeeal,,to,, tournement,, ARGHH I must not be swayed Man Im going to have to plan my spending on these new FPSers this coming year, good job I only bought like 3 games this year ^^
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    Hallo Ha!

    hey ho (hello)
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    Metal Gear 4

    yeah same here, but I still can't convince myself to pay the whatever price the ps3 is for this one game (and armored core 3 maybe, but I heard thats coming out on Xbox360) As for the story line I am a huge fan of the plot, its what has made it one of my favorite games of all time, not to...
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    Casino Royale

    Licence to kill: because of the theme tune Man with the golden gun: because of Christopher Lee Casino Royale: becuase I really like the new style, and I think it was kinda aimed at this generation.
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    Ninja Terminator = Greatest Movie Ever!

    _L_O_L_ man this is my kind of unintentional comedy lol @ the little robot that shoots steam, dunno why that was so funny for me, thanks for the links I wouldn't be surprised If I saw a Ninja with a katana in some historically authentic martial arts film, Ninjas used whatever weapons they...
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    Rule Of Rose European Ban

    Oh yeah this game, Is this the one where the damn Myor of Itally said he wanted it banned?!?!? I mean when has he ever even seen a fabled computer game
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    Rasterbation here

    OMG nice!!! thats brilliant! I WILL be using this alot in the future thanks ALOT!