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    Daft Punk animated film

    suprisingly i am a massive fan of daft punk, but still havent got round to purchasing the dvd. curse me!
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    Gears of War [360]

    yeah i played GOW the other day, and not many games took my breath away like GOW did, i mean, dispute the nature of the game its just so so pretty.
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    Manga Force - UK anime magazine hits national TV

    this is bad, bad, BAD.
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    Xbox Live Gamers

    if you happen to be playing halo 2, and hear a bunch of crazy people shouting and screaming like retards and doing bad chewbacca impressions its me and my mates. lol
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    How known are you on Animeuknews above you? (forum game)

    8 - :) lets all bathe in the pool of popularity!
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    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Live action erotica

    maybe we should follow suite, for this glorious occasion!! :lol:
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    woot woot! got me ds lite! and playing new super mario bros, and just ordered super mario 64.
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    Jump Ultimate Stars

    i gotta admit this game looks awsome every character i could possibly want in a game!, i HAVE to get me a DS now,
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    Excel saga!

    its cool dude we all know excel saga, yeah your right great show, but episode 26? isnt that the slightly 'pervy' episode? i gotta love that professor 'uncle sugar', lol.
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    Robin Hood - New BBC Series

    seems pretty lame to me, i dont think in robin hood times they would have had spikey hair and hair gel and pristine white teeth...
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    Guild Wars

    i bought guild wars and used the activation code, now i cant really do much with it because my graphics card is too damn slow, its a shame coz its a good game from what i played of it. (p.s, wow i can visit the forums from college now!! Woot! Woot! :))
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    BBC Japanorama quiz on otaku culture

    a 5/8 for me, most of em where related to that episode of the show, but some where new to me.
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    Hey! :>

    lol a closet anime fan perhaps?, they dont sound like good friends to me, but anywho welcome to the forums!!
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    Trailer for second Death Note live action film now online

    wait wait, so this is a sequel? so could it be a death note trilogy if they've only covered so little story in one film? eh? im a little confused...
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    Gunz online

    cool, i used to play it for ahwile but havent had the chance to get back on their lately :), but from my experiance its a good game.
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    Beautiful Games

    hmm i guess i really liked besaid island (FFX), balamb garden and balamb village, (FF8) costa del sol (FF7) all from final fantasy games at the moment, all i can think of, i think i spelt them right
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    How big is your manga collection?

    only recently have i started buying manga but the truck load i was more of a dvd collector, at the moment in total, i got about 20 books. :D
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    The Ultimate Swordsman Showdown Poll!!

    himura battosai! FTW!!!
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    bought resident evil 4 (again) so im playing that, and fifa street 2, woot woot! 100th post! :D
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    1 word to describe your day