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    Huge anime clear out

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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Playing at the moment Kill zone on psp and Medal of honor heroes
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    Sony really are testing themselves aren't they.

    Sony are bullies - pushing the little guy -
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    South Park - Season 10 Continues

    WOW ep rocks : How do you destroy someone who has no life? It's been ages since i seen a south park ep. ^^.
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    No PSP2, but a PSP Fix

    To be quite honest i'm sadden by my psp purchase as it was a hell of a waste of money. Here are some of the major problems i have with the psp: * Lack of the range of games - most ported from the ps2 *Long loading times (come on sony it's suspose to be portable and i have to wait over 5...
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    Sony launch Platinum range for PSP

    Sounds to me that sony want to shift their failing UMDs
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    Monster Manga

    I bought the first volume and so far it follows the anime. I heard a rumour though that there's extra few scenes not seen in the anime and report/novel called Another Monster after the last volume of Monster.
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    Cheap box of Wii

    I can imagine snake throwing c4 eveywhere in the area and cracking little pikacu's neck. Hmmm... hide in the box = instant win
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    Cheap box of Wii

    Thats great news ever since sony's bombshell of $599 us dollars. I can imagine why people are tempeted to go and get the wii. I reckon the next generation battle will see a shift in the balance of power. :P
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    Wii conference

    Nintendo totally owned with super smash brothers Brawl. Guess whose in it SOLID SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In your face sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wii conference

    You mean Red Steel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The E3 Thread

    I'm more impressed with the DS line up
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    Wii conference

    Best DS line ups Yoshi Island 2 Diddy Kong racer 2 STAR FOX DS Wii games Metriod Prime 3: Corruption Excite Truck RED STEEL Mario Galaxy Zelda Disaster Nintendo instand winners
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    Final Fantasy XIII Trailer + PS3 Details

    No. The Final Fantasy creator and Dbz character designer is making a game for the 360 called Blue Dragon. Also, square enix is making 2 final fantasy games for the wii and DS.
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    Final Fantasy XIII Trailer + PS3 Details

    Sony had to go and copy nintendo no surpise is there!!!! Read my xanga:
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    Cowboy Bebop Movie on Sci-Fi TV UK?

    A glimmer of hope from sci-fi. ^^
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    Nintendo Revolution has a new name!

    I can imagine so many jokes. :lol: Boy: Daddy i really want a wii
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    Nintendo Revolution has a new name!

    I reckon the name change is fixed i tells ya. Considering the timing of the name change follows two months a head of E3's convention. It's a ploy to hype up Nintendo fanboys on to why they change the name and Nintendo will instead change the name again.Speculations i tells ya. Just like the...
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    Dr who's back

    The next ep has shaolin monks + Werewolfs = Instant Win
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    Gamecube getting the cut?!

    Really now!! The only game for Gambe cube is Twlight princess