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    Persona 4 Arena Release Information

    I suppose I shouldn't be claiming knowledge of fighting game popularity. Though I would have expected if asked to name 10 fighting game franchises most fans of fighting games would have named one of theirs.
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    Persona 4 Arena Release Information

    No, people bitch about the fact that we're getting the same content as the US/JP release nearly a year later. Zen's only job was to print the discs with an EU region code instead, that's it and it's taken them until now to announce a release (and more stores were listing an August release last...
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    Nekomonogatari PV Released

    Just Black. White's going to be part of the 26 episode series that they've announced.
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    Can anyone explain the blu-ray prices in Japan?

    I had previously looked into the prices myself and worked out some estimated income/profit for Japanese companies for UK and JP releases. Note these are very rough estimates based on what little I know of business but I have taken into account printing costs, retailer margins, VAT and UK...
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    What did you RECEIVE today?

    A ransom note for : - Steins;Gate part 1 - Dragonball Kai Seasons 2 & 3 - Shakugan no Shana S1
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    What did you BUY today?

    A plasma TV
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    A comma before an "and" isn't necessarily incorrect though. See Oxford Comma
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    MangaUK's Manchester MCM Expo license announcements.

    ANN Article Kaze's included in the first post. Don't forget they distribute in the UK via Manga. Berserk (which wasn't mentioned in the first post) and Persona 4 are both licenses of theirs. I think the only license mentioned there that I'm actually going to pick up is Persona 4. For...
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    That's really really frustrating. I wonder if we could direct some complaints towards Andrew to get the UK cover in line with standard UK layouts.
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    So I just got a PSP...

    Seconding the recommendation of Persona 3 if you've not played it. I wouldn't worry about the other two that are available though. They're very different games and not the reason the series spiked in popularity.
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    What did you RECEIVE today?

    Pretty much. As far as I can tell it's supposed to be the responsibility of the software to enforce a region block rather than an OS/Hardware things like DVDs. That's not really the issue though. BDs can be and almost always are encrypted. I believe the decryption systems require an actual...
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    What did you RECEIVE today?

    One of these. Or at least it supposedly is. I'm not entirely convinced that what turned up through the door is actually that, but it certainly has all the features. The only issue you'd need to get around would then be playback on a PC, for which I'm not entirely sure there's a free and legal...
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    What did you RECEIVE today?

    External Bluray drive for my laptop. I am finally free of region locking again.
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    A recent tweet suggests otherwise, it looks like they are releasing Princess Jellyfish BDs with preorders expected to be up some time tomorrow.
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    What's your preference? Separate volumes or Thin Paks?

    Limited Editions > Singles + Artbox > Thinpacks with Artbox > Releases with Slipcovers > Singles > Bricks In other words anything made of card is much nicer to look at on my shelf than the horrible standard lump of plastic.
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    What did you RECEIVE today?

    Accel World LNs Vols 1 - 4. Now I just need to work on my Japanese until I can actually read it.
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    MangaUK license announcements ...

    I'm fully aware that there are people who won't want the combi set for the higher price, but most of the latter group of people certainly won't regard £20 as a "little more". Especially not when retailer discounts will price the DVD set at £20-£25. If you're aiming to pick up consumers who...
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    MangaUK license announcements ...

    You'd have a point if they hadn't said they were also planning a 3-disc DVD set I really have no idea what the hell they think they're doing sometimes. It seems that whoever is in charge of pricing at Manga has no appreciation for...
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    What did you RECEIVE today?

    Madoka Magica LE - volumes 1 & 2
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    Idolm@ster 2

    The most recent PS3 DLC contains Kyun Vampire Girl. Looks like I'll be playing the game again and buying some more psn credit once my uni course finishes.