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    Second Round - Guys Battles 9 - 12

    Vegeta - Dragonball Z Archer - Fate/Stay Night Black Star - Soul Eater
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    Second Round - Girls Battles 9 - 12

    Suzumiya Haruhi - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Saber - Fate/Stay Night Rin Tohsaka - Fate/Stay Night
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    Peach Girl: Captivating? Indeed. Peaches = <3

    Nope, definitely not. Always been female, and Chaos has met me in person. ;)
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    Peach Girl: Captivating? Indeed. Peaches = <3

    I never knew you were younger than me Aion. I watched Peach Girl a year or so ago. I too, despite hating drama stories, was really into it. And despite being not a teenager. :P Many parts pissed me off as well. Despised Sae, she reminded me of the girl in highschool who ruined my rep...
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    Miku's Day. Live Spectacular.

    Dosn't surprise me, I kinda saw it coming when I found out about all these virtual idols. Since forever ago I watched Macross Plus with its virturoid idol concept. :p Though, that was freaky holograms (hard light holograms? :P), this looks to be on a screen? Gib hologram!
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    round 2 girls battles 3 and 4

    Tessa, Ryoko
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    J-Culture Con 2010

    James and I are still debating going, wanted to see more info on finalized vendors and activities. I didn't go last year even though some of my friends were helping run it. I wonder if they still are or are going... I should poke them.
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    Figure discussion/picture thread

    That ^ is how I am with my figures. I havn't met people who kept them in boxes that didn't do it for the purpose of future profit. :P I buy to decorate my room. ^_^ And mine don't go anywhere near any windows. :P Though there's not much sun here anyway. :P James has a couple things on his...
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    How much anime do you watch, on average?

    I selected 4-6 per day by attempthing to average out my weekly watching. (Weekdays I don't have much time so it is one or two, but weekends I watch like 10 a day usually, sometimes more, sometimes less, it depends if we have anything else planned.)
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    How do you Otaku-lise your room?

    Had to suddenly move (don't you love when you get told last minute...) ((This is also why I'm practically non-existant on here nowadays, that and a full time job. Everything happened at once. >_<)) So I've had to geek up a new room. Gah, pic 1: BL- Trying to take a pic of my keychains on...
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    Touhou project / Project Shrine maiden.

    I played a bit of Touhou, really not my thing, and the levels are so long for the type of game it is. O_O Though I do like what Iosys has done with the music from it. <_< Closest I get to liking anything Touhou. :p
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    Good dub, bad dub.

    I prefer to watch dubs if they exist, but really it boils down to which one sounds better. I -have- encountered some horribly voiced anime even with the original japanese, it's not always one way. But dub makes it easier since I like to watch while having dinner and not miss any subtle things in...
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    How did you get into anime?

    Either way TV option, but officially in the mid 90's (Sailor Moon and then Robotech(Macross), I didn't know I was watching anime when I was before then so it dosn't count, but I liked it. :p
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    Quick Grammar Q

    Hurting my brain! My initial thought is that "who" should be used. But I always second guess myself. Looking online, most places seem to suggest using "who" for subjects, and "whom" for objects. Though another site mentions that "whom" is not used much nowadays since it sounds too formal and...
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    Cosplay help?

    There's a white powder that I know of some people using, I believe you can get it from LARP stores and goth shops, atleast that's where they got it a few years ago. As to the mask (link isn't working anymore). Hobbycraft has some mask making things like plastic and cardboardy things, you...
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    Round 2 Girls battles 1 and 2

    Faye Yoko
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    Second Round - Guys Battles 1 + 2

    Arsene Lupin Sousuke Sagara
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    First Round - Guys 29 - 30

    Itsuki Koizumi Vash
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    First Round - Guys Battles 31 - 32

    Archer - Fate/Stay Night
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    First Round - Girls Battles 29 + 30

    Haruhi Fujioka– Ouran High School