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    Uk all anime /manga tv channel

    We used to have a predominantly animé channel in the UK - CNX, which became Toonami a few years ago after ratings dropped. It showed martial arts movies in the evenings, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star at midnight, and the usual Tenchi/Gundam/DBZ Cartoon Network purchases during the day.
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    Expensive Obsession

    What always gets me is that most animé DVDs have an RRP of £19.99 - and yet you often get less content than a £9.99 feature film. Four episodes of a series is barely 100 minutes, and there aren't usually any substantial extra features, so how the companies can justify this price tag is beyond...
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    Favourite anime theme songs.

    Gunslinger Girl - "The Light Before We Land", The Delgados (opening) Burst Angel - "Underneath the Sky", Cloudica (closing) Excel Saga - "So You Want To Eat Me", Menchi (closing) Cowboy Bebop - entire soundtrack, Yoko Kanno .hack//SIGN - entire soundtrack, Yuki Kajiura
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    DVD Outsider

    Consider yourself lucky that you have shelfspace at all.
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    DVD Outsider

    Yes, I know I said I wasn't here just to plug my reviews, but one topic can't hurt... DVD Outsider focuses on foreign productions that have come to R2 DVD, and this naturally includes animé. I'm the site's animé specialist, and while we're only getting DVDs through from MVM and Manga at the...
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    Jet Li's Fearless

    The UK does have a film industry, thank you very much, but the problem with it is that its output very rarely gets shown in America, and that's where the big film industry is. Second only to Bollywood, as I recall. For example, I understand that Children of Men is out in cinemas in the US now...
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    DOA:Dead Or Alive - The Movie

    Just wait; five years from now they'll be calling it a "cult classic". It's like the first Mortal Kombat movie.
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    Music Zone enters administration

    I reckon they bit off more than they could chew by buying out MVC's stores; MVC was already a lossmaker, and Music Zone was an unknown name in the South (where many of the MVC stores were), which didn't help matters.
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    Favorite FF Game and Most Hated FF game

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    V For Vendetta

    I'm absolutely right... to an extent? How does that work? ^_^
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    Favorite FF Game and Most Hated FF game

    The amount of X-2 hate in this topic saddens me. It's not the best, but it's certainly not the worst. Favourite: FF7... you're all going to jump on me for saying it, but it was a tough decision. I hold 8 and X in equal regard, and it was hard to choose between them. Least Favourite: FF4...
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    "Weird Japanese Stuff"

    Dear lord... I suppose that must've taught them that cartoons aren't just for kids...
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    Hello to you all

    Eheh. One man's opinion can be different from another's... :) But yeah, I found it enjoyable at least, and I've always been drawn to series that let you jump in at any time without much prior knowledge of the plot. It's one of the factors that makes Cowboy Bebop so good.
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    Shows you watch that you "shouldn't"

    Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad did have promise, but it was all too blatantly a rip-off of Power Rangers (based on a rival Tokusatsu series also - Gridman). At least it was better than "Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighers from Beverley Hills"...
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    Shows you watch that you "shouldn't"

    Not exactly a rip-off as it was made by the same company, and they could hardly have ripped off themselves. But I know what you mean. BBB has a good reputation in Power Rangers fandom.
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    Do you think anime in the uk has grown?

    It's certainly grown far faster in the past six years than it did during the 90s. For example, as a youngster aged nine or ten, I'd read Mean Machines Sega magazine (for my Mega Drive :)), and I'd notice some ads for animé videos released by Manga, back when they first began doing it. Now, I...
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    V For Vendetta

    I saw it at the cinema, enjoyed it, reviewed it, got sent the retail DVD by Warner Bros' distributors and reviewed the DVD :) It's a film that, if you go in having read the graphic novel, you'll end up disappointed. I haven't read the graphic novel, so I judged it purely on its own merits and...
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    Shows you watch that you "shouldn't"

    Go Go Power Rangers! Sentai's very close conceptually to some animé series... pity Disney don't put as much work into the storylines as Toei.
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    Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer - Trailer

    Despite the negative reviews of the first F4, I at least enjoyed it, and I'd quite excited about the sequel because of this trailer. And we get to see that annoying prat Chris Evans beaten up in style! Though sadly not the even-more-annoying ginger one.
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    Hello to you all

    Thanks! I do only write the animé ones (and a few films that have taken my fancy); the bulk of the writing is done by site creator Slarek.