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    My-Hime Anime legends Ep 17 Error (Region 2)

    MAL is also open for editting by the fanboys. I mean, you're free to call it Mai Hime, but the official name is My Hime. Clearly there was a decision made, and for whatever reason Bandai went with My rather than Mai. Both are correct, neither is wrong, but by virtue of the official...
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    My-Hime Anime legends Ep 17 Error (Region 2)

    On the subject of the audio, it sounds like the same issue as with the singles.
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    BEEZ: Hopeful Revealing 2 New Licenses in the Near Future!

    To be fair, in Abenobashi you are shown the context of the scene. In Geass all they had to go on was a still image with no context. We all know the nature of anime and that that particular scene was both commonplace and harmless, but they had no sense that it was harmless - all they saw was a...
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    Beez Licensing announcements for Amecon 2010.

    #1 ? #2 Angel Beats #3 Lucky Star #4 The Big O
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    Beez to announce new licences at Amecon!

    My advice at guessing is to look at what Aniplex USA announce this weekend. It could be one of those.
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    sick of monica rai?

    Monica Rial is a fantastic actress really, and she has such great range. People may look at her credits and say that she's in everything, but can you really look at her roles and say she's exactly the same in everything? Compare Jo (Burst Angel) to Lumiere (Kiddy Grade) for instance. Compare...
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    Beez Entertainment Discussion

    Anime-On-Line is MVM. A company that distributes UK anime themselves wouldn't sell illegal versions. :P
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    4 new Beez licences

    Sub only is unlikely, but I chose Durarara since it's something nobody would expect... :)
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    4 new Beez licences

    my guesses are: Haruhi Season 2 ZZ Gundam Gankoutsouou Durarara
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    London MCM Expo 29-30 May 2010

    Another convert! Unfortunatly the new Hayate shirt I've ordered wont be released in time for Expo, have ordered myself a Hinagiku Hawaiian-style short-sleeved shirt. It's really a sight to be seen, should hopefully have it in time for Amecon in August. :) I plan on taking plenty of funds...
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    London MCM Expo 29-30 May 2010

    I'll be there on Saturday too. Just look out for a guy wandering around with a Wii bag, a beige cap, and wearing an Ayumu Nishizawa Tshirt.
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    Anime Centrals secrete guest

    The best place to try and blag some free tickets to a big American anime convention... a UK anime forum.
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    FMA: Brotherhood finally streaming on Manga

    They said that, but I doubt it is - they've also said that they are being much more careful after some licensors (Toei is my bet) whined that us Brits could access Funimation's video site and see that the videos were not available to us - even if we can't see the video itself.
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    Past Anime Release Schedules

    Gah, I did set it as public, but obviously Google isn't my friend. Try now, if not I'll upload the spreadsheet to download elsewhere.
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    Past Anime Release Schedules

    I'm a much better friend in this case. It's the raw data I used making the UK release list over at AoD - and I also did those 'released today' lists up until February this year (I've given up now, but I'm still doing the release date list)
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    (360/PS3) Fist of the North Star game coming to Europe

    It's western name may be "Fist of the North Star (Working Title)", but in japan it's Hokuto Musou... the Musou part is the "Warriors" branding such like Gundam Musou (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam) and all of the other DW variants. It is a Dynasty Warriors game.
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    Gundam Unicorn - 7 minute streaming preview!

    I'm waiting for concrete information on how to order this in the UK too. I mean I do want it, and am willing to pay for it, but would prefer to buy from somewhere where I know. Maybe Beez could do as Bandai US did for Kannagi and create an Amazon Marketplace store for the sole purpose of...
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    Anime Schedule Update: Mahoromatic Series 2 release dates

    I would have been tempted by SMB, but imported just a month before it was announced that MVM had it having given up hope of waiting.
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    Beez Entertainment Discussion

    Those are all old series getting streamed (well, some of them at least - Wing and Zeta for sure) Unicorn is a new one that we've been told is coming, just not when.
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    Beez Entertainment Discussion

    How shortly is shortly? :P (and when can we expect more info on Gundam UC?