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  1. Jinjer

    Geeks, Otaku & Weeaboos: The language and range of fandom

    in my case, i mostly just borrow my friend's/cousin's anime videos over the weekend, then read a bit about it more on tvtropes to know more about obscure things i've missed (i miss a lot of it because, ugg... me dum-dum) i don't ever collect merch, or any of that sort (not much space to dump...
  2. Jinjer

    Clinton v Trump: Dawn of Presidency

    that usually comes back to bite them in the asses, as my dad would always say
  3. Jinjer

    Rate the Last Film You Watched

    got to see doctor strange lately, love how it shows us a side of the marvel universe that has only been seen in the comic books (the magical, mystical side, and by magic like spells and spirits magic instead of highly-sufficient alien technology magic) i was almost expecting an mvc3 kinda...
  4. Jinjer

    The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thread)

    ^ hell yeah i'm hyped
  5. Jinjer

    What Games Are You Playing?

    currently playing civilization 6 i'm not a day one purchase kinda gal but dammit i did the deed and i was very satisfied with that decision
  6. Jinjer

    Rock Band Official News/Announcements Thread (Rock Band 4 gets more DLC as per usual)

    i kinda wanna try playing save tonight on expert, just to see how it goes
  7. Jinjer

    What Games Are You Playing?

    so i finished witcher 3 and its dlc content lately never knew i'd have be that involved in the gwent minigame, but goddammit completing my card collection felt so good! oh and geralt had sex several times, one time on a unicorn, but none of that felt as compelling as going around a war-torn...
  8. Jinjer

    Fairy Tail

    a friend once described it as what you'd get if you asked joss whedon to make a shonen manga and i can kind of see what he meant by that, actually... it's my favorite of all the hot-blooded shonen stuff, it seems like the author knows how to play around with the tropes without making things...
  9. Jinjer

    Ichi ban SLAM DUNK!

    for a sports manga, there's a lot of character-driven stuff happening in them also this is one of my favorites because despite the mostly young and athletic dude cast, you won't see much of the "boys love" pandering that you'd find in later stories that followed this vein... so it's just guys...
  10. Jinjer

    how do you look after your manga

    not much to do with that kind of paper my cousin puts her huge collection in these shelves with a glass panel that you can slide around to keep it from gathering dust, and in a part of the house that doesn't get much sunlight to avoid yellowing
  11. Jinjer

    The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thread)

    seeing more and more of civ6 actual gameplay stuff... looking to be a pretty good game, the way things are going
  12. Jinjer

    What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

    been collecting old music since i was young-ish (my dad's been a big influence) then i saw that mafia 3 trailer and had the urge to play some 70s stuff
  13. Jinjer

    The General Book Thread

    got the first two witcher books for a bargain in a local store, it's nice being able to dig into the source material myself after all these years of just surfing around the wiki for lore stuff
  14. Jinjer

    The Visual Novel Thread

    hi guys, i've been meaning to ask here about a kind of "essentials list" for visual novels i've done a few of them before (va-11 hall-a, hatoful boyfriend, katawa shoujo, et al), but right now i want to go a bit deeper but i thought it would be nice to have a bunch of titles i can run through...
  15. Jinjer

    Is Fashion really fascism?

    fashion is simply putting on clothes to achieve some sort of aesthetic but, like so many things, people have been using it as a means of control for quite some time now
  16. Jinjer

    What Games Are You Playing?

    so... after putting it off for a year i'm finally starting on witcher 3 i was told to prepare for feels and, well, my body is ready
  17. Jinjer

    This or That

    swirls, though where i live we say "rolls" :) pirate or ninja?
  18. Jinjer

    Will finally stop lurking and say hello!

    hello katie! also, wild arms, now that's something i haven't heard about in ages
  19. Jinjer

    What Games Are You Playing?

    i was able to dig up my almost decade-old copy of oblivion, and downloaded the official dlcs must admit, i kinda miss one-shotting everything i see with a lightning bolt while sporting some heavy armor
  20. Jinjer

    Rate the Last Film You Watched

    saw suicide squad i can feel the "guardians" vibe so hard, though it might just be the soundtrack, and i kind of wish they reserved joker in a surprise cameo and not have the movie go back and forth with the flashbacks