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    Japanese music.

    A quick look through my library reveals I've been really getting into Japanese music in recent's the current rundown (or look at my profile): Acidman Bonnie Pink Boom Boom Satellites Dir en Grey Susumu Hirasawa Maaya Sakamoto Mad Capsule Markets Mono Monoral...
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    Review of Black Cat #5

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Black Cat #5 by Martin</b> Black Cat's penultimate volume sees Train and his fellow sweepers make the final confrontation with Creed and the Apostles of the Stars. The upcoming battle becomes more...
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    Tentacle Grape Anyone?

    I sense a crossover with Akikan...and that thought disturbs me. :?
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    Live Action Blood, The Last Vampire, Heading for UK

    Vampire girls. With swords. The sad thing is, I'll watch it on that fact alone even if the film overall is rubbish! :P Joking aside though, the original OAV felt like the middle portion of a longer feature so I'd like to see it have more of a storyline in addition to merely looking cool.
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    A new era for Anime UK News

    Absolutely! Aion on the other hand is just an arrogant idiot, which isn't something to be proud of unless you're being ironic about it. :P
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    A new era for Anime UK News

    As I said earlier I can understand why you want to step down Paul, but I'm sure Chaos will do a fine job of filling the admin shoes and keeping things running smoothly. Maintaining and managing an online community is quite an investment of time and effort but it's been a really rewarding...
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    how many attempts to get your driver's license?

    Passed my theory first time but had to retake it when the certificate expired. That was because I only passed my practical test on my fifth attempt. >_< To be fair I wouldn't call myself a 'good' driver but I've never had an accident so I'm with Rui in that you can be of an acceptable...
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    Valkyria Chronicles Anime

    Nice finds Hokum. Alicia... <3 I can't wait to see how the winged pig turns out though...
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    Valkyria Chronicles Anime

    Cheers for the heads-up. I've seen some of the gameplay and it makes me wish I had a PS3, honestly. I know game adaptations have a bad track record but if it's done right I think it could be excellent. An engaging cast of characters, some excellent battle scenes, politics...and pigs with...
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    Musicians of AUKN, show off your gear!

    @Chaos: the only real differences between the American and Mexican strats are cosmetic - something to do with regulations on what finishes are allowed to be used in US and Mexican factories. Honestly, if you hid the 'Made in...' labelling most players wouldn't be able to tell the difference! A...
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    Okay to buy from?

    I've never had a problem with them. I usually compare AoL and for prices so in terms of value for money and ordering reliability they're pretty competitive. You'll have to look elsewhere for imports and rarities but as online stores for UK releases go they're one of the better ones.
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    Ninja resurrection

    I must concede that the sight of a ninja wearing a suit of armour that has its own built-in rocket pack is something you don't see every day... :shock:
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    Ninja resurrection

    Depends if you like good samurai anime or whether you like samurai anime that's so bad you get entertainment value out of thinking "How was this allowed to be made?" Ninja Resurrection is one of the worst anime shows I've ever seen - so much so that the very stupidity and ridiculousness of it...
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    Funimation set to announce 10 new licenses in December

    Okay, my sarcasm got the better of me there. In seriousness though, other series take Ikkitousen's mindless premise and make it more entertaining. Tenjho Tenge is sinilar but has a decent story...even the fanservice is better if you're into that sort of thing. There's a sequel to Ikkitousen iirc...
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    Funimation set to announce 10 new licenses in December

    Newslflash: not everyone thinks the same as you. No, really. Even if LE was nothing but prettiness (which isn't the case at all) it would still be more worth watching than Ikkitousen, which is shallow as they come but fails at being aesthetically pleasing. I'm sure some peole enjoy Ikkitousen...
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    Howl's Moving Castle on BBC2 in December; Ghibli anime on TV

    Pom Poko was a bit of a disappointment, or would have been if I'd bought the DVD instead of just recording it off the TV, but Whisper of the Heart was fantastic. Reminded me a lot of Only Yesterday actually. Now that is worth picking up on disc.
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    Funimation set to announce 10 new licenses in December

    Ikkitousen's utter garbage but hey, they have nine more opportunities to bring us something decent! It's a bit disappointing to see they're mostly rescue packages, but it would be a shame if fans weren't able to get hold of something like Last Exile any more.
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    Copy Protection

    I still find the region-blocking of the DVD format to be idiotic and unecessary, and I believe the blu-ray format is going down the same road too. That's a minor annoyance (since my DVD player is multi-region) but if you want the full force of a veritable tidal wave of boiling vitriol from...
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    Review of Black Lagoon: the Second Barrage #1

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Black Lagoon: the Second Barrage #1 by Martin</b> After treating us to neo-nazis, nuns with guns and an unstoppable chambermaid in the first season I was looking forward to see how Black...