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  1. darkstorm

    Chocobo and the Airship: A Final Fantasy Picture Book Review

    A cute, picture book based upon the beloved JRPG series? Check out our review! Continue reading...
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    Favourite Anime and Manga Based on Video Games

    With Video Game Adaptations becoming more popular in the West, we share our favourite adaptations from the East! Continue reading...
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    Love Me, Love Me Not Collector's Edition Review

    I completely missed this movie, glad you recommend it. I'll have to give it a go :)
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    [Oshi No Ko] Volume 1 Review

    Just by reading the first volume, you can tell that Oshi No Ko is going to be a very popular and talked about series when the anime adaptation comes out in April. Check out the review for Volume 1 here! Continue reading...
  5. darkstorm

    My Happy Marriage (Manga) Volume 2 Review

    I was wondering if the light novel volume 1 and manga vol 1 were 1-1 in terms of content, so interesting that we’re catching up with the first light novel. Makes me wonder how the pacing is going to be with the future anime adaption
  6. darkstorm

    My Happy Marriage (Manga) Volume 2 Review

    In Volume 2 of this romance series, the world-building is growing but it’s the gentle romance of the leads and the peeling back of layers from the growing cast of characters that make it an absorbing read. Continue reading...
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    The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Volume 1

    This ‘awkward dorks falling in love’ romcom has some promise, but so far feels a bit undercooked. Take a look at our review! Continue reading...
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    Romantic Killer Episodes 1–12 (Streaming) Review

    If you already have Netflix and this series hasn’t come up on your recommendation feed yet, then give this love rom-com with a twist a go - here's our review! Continue reading...
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    Violet Evergarden: The Movie Collector's Edition Review

    Just re-listening to the movie version of 'Michishirube' gets me emotional 😅 Great review @Demelza
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    Burst Angel + OVA Collection Blu-Ray Review

    Does this 2004 anime series deserve more love in the year 2022? Or is it only held up by nostalgia for the rootin’ tootin’ good times? Find out in our review for the new Blu-ray release! Continue reading...
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    My Neighbour Totoro by the Royal Shakespeare Company

    My Neighbour Totoro is the kind of movie that should only work in animation, so how does it fare on stage? Find out in our review. Continue reading...
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    My Happy Marriage (Manga) Volume 1 Review

    My Happy Marriage light novel series gets a manga adaptation, but is it any good? Read our review to find out! Continue reading...
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    Princess Knight: New Omnibus Edition

    How does the 1950s shojo classic Princess Knight hold up in 2022? Find out in our review of this lovely new omnibus edition! Continue reading...
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    Kakegurui Twin Episodes 1 - 6 Review (Streaming)

    Kakegurui Twin is a fun, quick dive back to the school of gambling we know and love; check out our review! Continue reading...
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    In/Spectre Season 1 Collector's Edition Review

    Thanks for the review @Demelza - I reviewed the manga way back when, but really need to check out the anime at some point...
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    Yuri Espoir Volume 1 Review

    'Espoir' is French for ‘hope’. Is this a promising start for the new Yuri series from Tokyopop? Continue reading...
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    Death Note: Short Stories Review

    Death Note Short Stories is going to mean something different to everyone but this is a lovely book with great stories to re-introduce yourself into this unique world. Continue reading...
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    Cat + Gamer Volume 1 Review

    Cat + Gamer = a new manga series! Check out our review of the first volume. Continue reading...
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    The Music of Marie Review

    What does the anticipated fantasy series, written by horror mangaka Usamaru Furuya, have in store? Find out in our review! Continue reading...
  20. darkstorm

    The Whole of Humanity Has Gone Yuri Except for Me Review

    Hi! Sorry for the delay in reply! So in this story the males are already extinct, and no they don’t explore outside the rigid gender binary. Hope that helps 🙂