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    Digital Manga Publishing Goes Digital Only For 6 Months

    I've always been more fond of paperbacks anyway! Hardbacks are too heavy and too uncomfortable! But it's probably just personal preference with me, I have no materialistness about me. Never bother with collectors editions, never keep books when I'm done with them. So something as throw-away as...
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    Digital Manga Publishing Goes Digital Only For 6 Months

    Eventually this will happen anyway. Everyone will have tablets in the future and books will be pretty irrelevant, I've not bought a non-digital book in years, so it'll happen with manga soon enough.
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    Yeah, the images load too slow and the screen is too small. I tried it!
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    The General Conversation Area

    The setup looks pretty good, last time I made my own PC around a year ago I used this guide: It's been updated since then and I've even used it to see what upgrades would be best. It shows everything that's compatible and all the best...
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    Thanks, guys. Anime-wise, I like a lot. For the last few seasons I've watched nearly everything, dropping only the really terrible. If I were to pick a few genres I'd usually go for I'd say Sci-Fi, Fantasy and non-moe Slice-of-Life. Currently I'm enjoying the crap out of Space Brothers, Hunter...
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    Hey guys, not been here in a while - about 5 years in fact. Had a massive anime hiatus but I'm back watching it now stronger than ever and seem to be lacking an outlet for my passions! Probably gunna lurk a lot, maybe post some, and hopefully see a few old faces.
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    The Anime UK News chat / IRC.

    Ir randomly logged me on today, not used mIRC since I used to go on there all the time here when it first started up. Redgore and WhiteRabbit are on (and Q, obviously) but no response. :(
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    Super Mario World Plays Itself

    That was great. Put a smile on my face. :D
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    Hmm, I've not played the games or read the novels. Perhaps I should.... There does seem to be gaps when I'm watching.
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    R.I.P Colin Mcrae

    Well if they wanted to look like an accident, if it wasn't I mean, then they wouldn't try to kill two people in the same way at the same time... That would be pointlessly obvious.
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    R.I.P Colin Mcrae

    Sad news indeed. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
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    January Sale Thread

    Studio Ghibli was always selling for £7.99 in HMV, so's sale isn't that good. Some even had a £5 price tag.
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    Myspace got poo, I know less that 25% of the people on my list and they keep sending me random stuff. Hate it now, used to be fun when it was people that I knew. Facebook is better now. Only people you know, you even specify how you know them, and it's less messy because of the more strict...
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    A belated welcome to the forums, GS! Hope you have fun. I seen your sprites in the creative section and they were really good. Hope you post lots!
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    Wolf Creek

    I enjoyed it, seen it a few months ago. I really do like the gore of some films, it's an entertainment factor in my eyes. AND remember the killer was never found.
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    Now that Rapture have been showing anime for a while, Jetix are showing a few shows (most recently Naruto), Film4 will be showing anime movies in August and there are a few more shows knocking about on TV maybe we should have an "Anime on TV" forum, or something like that? It would help in my...
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    Editorial: Naruto and The Future of the UK Anime Industry

    The cut version is still entertaining me, to be honest. It's fun, I'm a fan of the non-fighting stuff anyway.
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    Kung-Fu Hustle

    I watched it. It was brilliant, indeed. I'd never heard of it when I watched it (Uncle lives in Indonesia) so I thought I discovered a jem. Then a week or so later I seen adverts for it. Feh ;.;
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    hi..newbie here

    Welcome, welcome. Have fun and post lots!
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    All Time Top 10 Games

    I agree, I have current favourites but I also have time ones too. Just depends on my mood. :D