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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Nothing from play has arrived yet (getting impatent now) But i did get Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie 1 and Lady Death, which i won in a compo :P
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    22nd August UK anime releases

    *pokes postal service* Hello, my anime shipped last week, should be here by now...
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    London fire is a major set back for the UK anime industry

    There a independent film publisher more than anime, so they probably use a different company
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    22nd August UK anime releases

    All of ADVs titles where actually sent to stores last week. I picked up NGE Plat vol 4 on Wednesday at a HMV....
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    22nd August UK anime releases

    Stuuf that should be arrving in the next few days: Last Exile: Vol. 5 - Grand Stream DNAngel: Vol.1 - The Dawn Of Dark Divergence Eve: Vol.1 - Welcome To Watcher's Nest Witch Hunter Robin: Vol. 3 And ill be ordering SEED vol 3 and 4 later in the week.
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    London fire is a major set back for the UK anime industry

    Theyll hopefully be able to press new masters. As i said in the GITSSAC 4 recall thread, the replacement discs are held up due to this as well.
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    Review: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex #5

    I was glad that in the first episode on this disc (set in London) the dub didnt go down the easy route of given every one mockeny accents.
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    Otakon News Summary

    Get the first two things wrong why dont you. First off Ghost Stories was improvised (AoD report , not re-written. Its a completely different thing (tho im not happy with either, cept in extreme circumstances) For the TRSI thing (about Kimba and Astro Boy) see here...
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    Replace glitched Stand Alone Complex #4

    If anyone has sent theres in and is wodering why its taking so long its due to that fire. Yeah the same fire that knocked MVM for six this month.
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    UK anime & manga news from AyaCon *updated* are reporting that ADV have got the Boogiepop and Others Live Action movie
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    F Zero GX. I suck at it now :( (well tbh i wasnt that good at it really :P )
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    ~The avatar thread~

    Just changed to a non anime avatar (SHOCK!!!) Its the Master. As he was seen in the Doctor Who TV movie (played by Eric Roberts)
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    UK anime & manga news from AyaCon *updated*

    Dont mention the fact that they are calling Ikkitousen "Battle Vixens" to help with the cross premotion then. Comments ive read on both series have made me put them in my "pick up if they get a UK release" list (which is a damn big list :'( )
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Finally my recent amazon order came., Well nearly all of it :( Anyway that had: Negima! vol 6 Sexy Voice and Robo (this is like a phone book in size!) Still waiting for Yotsuba&! vol 2 :( (plus in non anime i got the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie on dvd :P )
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    UK anime & manga news from AyaCon *updated*

    Maybe no one brought it up? :roll:
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    AyaCon and Otakon light up the weekend ... o=&fpart=1 This is a thread by someone whos going to AyaCon
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    Review: Cowboy Bebop #6

    I feel that this series is over rated.
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    MVM's August releases now due in September

    Its all MVMs fault!! Nah i kid. I know someone who said that tho.
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    British dub for Millenium Actress & more news from Manga

    Everywhere? Whatever.... I hope manga will still be using ANimaze and the SAC cast for GITS 2....
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    Week delays for August anime

    From All six of MVM's scheduled releases for August have unfortunately been delayed due to a fire at the production plant that manufactures their DVDs. This means that September will see five extra releases, all out on the 5th - Gungrave vol 3, Haibane Renmei vol...