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  1. ninjamaster

    Hello from Italy

    Thanks buddy!
  2. ninjamaster

    Hello from Italy

  3. ninjamaster

    My figures collection.

    I started my collection in 2011
  4. ninjamaster

    What Games Are You Playing?

    I'm currently playing Persona 5 Strikers (Switch)
  5. ninjamaster

    What manga are you reading now?

    Slam Dunk,Goblin Slayer,The immortal, Lamù Perfect Edition,Banana Fish.
  6. ninjamaster

    Hello from Italy

  7. ninjamaster

    My figures collection.

    Actually my collection is scattered throughout the house (not a single room) in libraries,boxes and shelves.Perhaps in the future I'll move all into a better place. I'll share some pics:
  8. ninjamaster

    What did you BUY today?

    New arrivals:
  9. ninjamaster

    Hello from Italy

    Hello , I'm new here . My name is Guglielmo from Italy and I have been a lifelong fan of Anime particularly Neon Genesis Evangelion,Cowboy Bebop,Saint Seiya,Hokuto no Ken, Captain Tsubasa. I grew up playing and adoring the Pc Engine and SNES,I really have good memories of these consoles. My...