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  1. coreydbz

    Mangaranga's Sale Thread

    I'm interested in Noein CE if its still available?
  2. coreydbz

    Whole collection sale!

    Is NHK still available?
  3. coreydbz

    Fairy Tail DVDs (Ebay)

    A friend of mine has listed a few of his collections on eBay if anyone is interested. Fairy tail collection dvd | eBay Fairy Tail DVD collections 1-4 + parts 9-13 (Region 2) Edit: Dragon Ball Z Complete Series Sold.
  4. coreydbz

    Big Blu Ray clear out

    Sword Art Online II arrived safe and sound. Thank you.
  5. coreydbz

    Big Blu Ray clear out

    Is Sword Art Online II still available?
  6. coreydbz

    Big Blu Ray clear out

    What condition is Sword Art Online II in? Any scratches or scuffs to the box? I'll buy them from you immediately if they are in like new condition.
  7. coreydbz

    DVD/BR/Games for sale.

    Both Deadman Wonderland and Dragonar Academy LE arrived the day after they were posted. Thank you.:D
  8. coreydbz

    DVD/BR/Games for sale.

    If Deadman Wonderland is the Region A Funimation release I would like to purchase it. I would also like to buy Dragonar Academy LE if it is still available. :)
  9. coreydbz

    Dragon's Anime Sale

    Now and Then arrived quickly and in great condition. Thank you. :D
  10. coreydbz

    Dragon's Anime Sale

    Great, I'll buy them from you.
  11. coreydbz

    Dragon's Anime Sale

    I picked up a used copy from an eBay seller a couple of months ago and the discs were in terrible condition. If yours have been well looked after I'd gladly buy them from you.
  12. coreydbz

    Dragon's Anime Sale

    What condition are the Now and Then discs in?
  13. coreydbz

    Aya's Anime/Game/Merch Sale

    Are the Yu Yu Hakusho Complete Series 1, 2, 3 blu-ray? What condition are they in?
  14. coreydbz

    Mega Sale! Lots of Freebies!! (1st 2 posts)

    Hi, I'd like to buy these please if they are still available. Plastic Little SIGNED by Satoshi Urushihara - £12 Kai Doh Maru DVD R1 Speak Easy vol. 6 Revolution Game art (looks like Happy Lesson?) Seven of Seven MANGA
  15. coreydbz

    Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, NHK Manga Sale!

    Re: Anime/Manga Clearence! I'm interested in buying Burn Up W from you if it's still available. What sort of condition is it in?
  16. coreydbz

    DVD Clearout

    Is The End of Evangelion the original release or the Manga Force release?
  17. coreydbz

    A few anime blu-rays - updated with le baka and Test

    Could you please show some pics of Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne? Also could you describe the condition and how much the P&P would be please
  18. coreydbz

    Love Hina Collection Question

    I managed to buy the individual release of Love Hina Again knowing that the collection included the Spring and Christmas specias, but until now I had know idea if episode 25 was included. Thanks for helping me out :-D
  19. coreydbz

    Love Hina Collection Question

    Can someone please tell me if episode 25 is included in this boxset? Love Hina Collection (inc Christmas & Spring specials)
  20. coreydbz

    The *Im looking for* thread.

    Re: the looking for thread This may help if you haven't found a copy yet. Thank you, I don't mind waiting if they're planning on printing more.