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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Im on ps4 playing horizon zero dawn and spiderman
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    Hi im a humanoid being from a ✨BoX✨

    Hi im HOWARD Idk what to say : I like movie and book collecting my fave book and movie are lotr and hobbit I play ps4 and ps2 I also own a laptop for minecraft if I go out I usually take my game boy or my 3ds I did buy a switch not used it yet but got it when it came out (not used becuse games...
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    *Yawn* Let's be nap buddies- I mean, friends!

    Hi I'm new here too just got into anime and manga I also like gaming and writing tooo my fave film is lotr and hobbit and my movie collection is over the top ✨massive✨ but ye hii hi
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    What manga should be the first i ever read

    What manga should I read first never read any but I like books w elements of horror fantasy or multiverses in them 🐛🐙 any ideas????