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    Play Asia - game soundtracks genuine?

    Thanks for the replies, Blue Dragon OST shall be mine :)
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Playing through Blue Dragon, on the final disc. It's been in the cupboard for months, got it half price in an offer. Since Eternal Sonata is now £18 I decided to try playing BD before investing in another RPG to sit in the cupboard - glad I did! :D Also playing Avernum 4 for the PC, very...
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    Shadow Hearts

    It's not as bad as FF in terms of being turn-based because you have to use the judgement ring system. Whenever you perform an action in combat a ring appears, with blank, normal and small 'hot-spot' areas - if you fail to activate it at the right time as the pointer slides around you either miss...
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    Play Asia - game soundtracks genuine?

    Sorry if this seems like a duh question, but are Play-Asia game soundtracks genuine Japanese imports? I've never dealt with the site before, in the past the few soundtracks I've bought have come from Otaku UK, but the price difference for the Blue Dragon ST is like £10, that got my...
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    Smoking legal 18 from 1st of october

    If nothing else it makes it harder for younger kids to buy them, and when it comes to smokes the fewer people climbing onto the cancer express the better.
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    Video Game Bargains!

    This thread needs to be the top of the page, I'm constantly spotting bargains recently. All for the 360: Gamestation online ( is offering Stranglehold or Blue Dragon HALF PRICE when bought with ANY new 360 game. I bought a new copy of Monster Madness for @ £22 and got...
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    Your Gaming Gravestone

    It could only be "SOLVE MY MAZE"
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    Games you can't wait to get!

    Just three more weeks till Warriors Orochi, I may have to bite someone.... >.< Two Worlds this week but my 360's become a 90 and is being repaired, sigh. The game of the year edition of Oblivion is also looking appetising.
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    Revive the series

    Wonderboy, the platform RPG ones were fantastic. Chaos Legion - I wouldn't touch DMC with a fetid stoat, but apart from having some enemies which required too many repetitive hits, CL was gameplay heaven. Strike series - Desert Strike etc - how mint would these be on modern hardware? Throw...
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    Games you can't wait to get!

    Orochi Warriors Bioshock Two Worlds Resi 5 Silent Hill 5 Fatal Frame/Project Zero 3 COD4 Oblivion 'Game of the Year' edition
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    Things/People that you find annnoying.

    Virtually all shops that sell videogames, who seem to have an unwritten agreement that they shall NEVER sell a new videogame in new condition. The boxes are always stuck on the shelves for sticky-mittened kids to gum up, troglodytes to scratch and smash and for the inlay to get tatty. Then when...
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    Movies you watched as a kid

    ....How on earth has this double post happened!? Ugh, NM, *squashes again*. Yes, NIMH was fantastic stuff :)
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    Movies you watched as a kid

    Movies from childhood that corrupted my developing mindbox:
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    Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

    A few of my all-time illegally catchy choons: Just Jack - Starz in their Eyes We Love Katamari OST - D.I.S.C.O. Prince Daft Punk - Aerodynamic Royksopp - Follow My Ruin Mint Royale - Show Me Talk Talk - It's My Life Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (remix)...
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    Shadow Hearts: Something or other New World - Hitting the UK

    Anybody else surprised by this? I looked for a UK release date for this game about a month ago, found absolutely buttski on it, assumed it wasn't gonna happen this late in the PS2's life cycle. Well blow me down, I was flicking through play's release schedule and there it is. As much as I...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Playing Rule of Rose, having just completed the first Onimusha game. It's a replay, so I've unlocked some bonus costumes and weapons, gonna gut imps with 'FILTHY Jenni-ferr' dressed as a nurse and wielding a giant syringe. Get in. After a good go on that, really am gonna start Digital Devil...
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    Pics, everyone

    You look fine Pazza.
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Still playing gears and Onimusha 3, on the last boss of both games. Think I'll start Digital Devil Saga 2 tonight :D
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    Do you believe in (a)God? If not, whats your reason?

    No I don't believe in god. Switching on the news every day does that to you. If all this violence, hate and misery is part of some divine being's master plan, well.. that's no 'divine being' I'd have any interest in giving the time of day.
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    Who hates friday nights

    I love Friday nights, the idiots are out getting drunk, vomitting in gutters and breaking each others' noses who looked at who's GF/pint/inflatable sheep. Means I can get some peace and quiet :) Edit: And don't refer to me as a karaoke star, please >.< Bad memories.