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    Anime (de)Motivational posters

    Some of mine:
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    Ghostbusters the game?

    The plot summary for the intended 3rd Ghostbusters film was leaked a couple of year’s back (I think?). Like most films this generation it didn't star the original cast but younger actors with a couple of cameos, which seems to be the awful growing trend amongst cult cinema. Give me adults...
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    Smokin' Aces - Reviewed

    I like Ben Affleck, am I the only one? I saw this film last Saturday and I'd say that it's an okay action flick but it has plenty of plot holes and the dialogue was told at a speed that didn't allow for the concerntration required. There wasn't much character development either, or any...
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    The O.C to be axed after 4 seasons

    I’m glad the O.C.’s ending; it should have ended a long, long time ago. The first ever episode was the only real reason for the show’s continuation in the first place as it was a genuine masterpiece of film. I don’t really know what to say about it but if you can get hold of the first...
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    Disney are self foiling now?

    ‘High School Musical’ is this generation’s ‘Grease’, which I think says a lot about the current generation of film and music. It’s the main plot of this film that makes me want to cough up blood: the most popular boy in school finds that he can sing in harmony with the beautiful...
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    Anime UK News Banner Competition!!! YAY!!!

    My two (for now maybe):
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    Dark Materials

    I hated all the books (not forgetting that I'm a fan of the genre), so the thought of a movie version repels me.
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    Yeah, it might be. Oban's characters look more like traditional anime characters thought, where as Skyland's look more like those seen in other CGI shows such as Excalibur, Dragon Riders et al. I'm usually dissapointed with CGI series such as these, most though have their moments; in Captain...
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    The sex, swearing and violence felt like they were added for the effect (like the swearing in the Charlotte Church Show - not that I watch it) so that was a downer. But the drama and mysery elements were pretty good and there were some chilling moments of dialogue. It's definately a lot...
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    Skyland CITV (ITV1), Saturday: 10.30am - 11.00am Basically it's a French made CGI adventure show that revolves around two siblings who have unique skills: one can use telekinetic abilities (sister) and the other is an expert pilot (brother). They join a group of renegades in the hopes of...
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    Robin Hood - New BBC Series

    A lot of it I found either dull or lame, but for me the most tragic part of the episode was at the end when Robin entered the Matrix. "There is no sword"
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    Robin Hood - New BBC Series

    A cheesy, pantomime performance that I would expect to see featured during Children in Need – that’s my opinion of what I saw, which was the first 15 minutes. I’ll try and watch it fully when it’s repeated tonight on BBC3 but I can’t see my opinion changing. Something far better...
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    Are kid's cartoons and movies protecting kids too much?

    Watership Down was always intended to be a children’s story, and the accompanying film was made and released with children in mind as a ‘U’ in the UK and ‘PG’ in the USA. Due to the uncensored violence and issues raised however, a lot of adults also found it to be satisfying at their...
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    Star Trek TNG

    TNG was okay. I watched every episode (mainly because it was semi-interesting and was the only thing on) and it entertained me enough. I got sick of the Data episodes though; they would be about Data learning about humanity through his cat while the rest of the ship battled some mysterious...
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    Are kid's cartoons and movies protecting kids too much?

    Bambi's ancient. Just like Watership Down and the Animals of Farthing Wood it comes from a time when people weren't so close-minded about death being shown in front of children. As for the A-Team, I'd say that it was like that because it was a peak-time family program, much the same as...
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    Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

    ^^ Okay, maybe it's just the beginning, chorus and the part 2/3 way through I really despise - and the end with the mocking laugh. The parts in between are fine enough - nothing special though. And I swear she now sounds like Kelly Clarkson, during the beginning at least. The first time I hear...
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    Are kid's cartoons and movies protecting kids too much?

    I can understand smoking being removed (it's imitatable), but death should be covered more. They should at least say the word - I'm sure kids know about death at that age anyway.
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    Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

    At the moment I like: Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary I've been playing on repeat non-stop for the past hour and a half - such a great song! And hate: Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober It took them over 3 years to make this?! The music actually sounds okay, but Amy Lee destroys it with...
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    Lost Season 3

    It's nice to see people try but the theory posted is obviously rubbish. The reason Desmond couldn't get away from the island is because the energy of the island (magnetism or whatever) affects the sea, this is why Michael had to sail in a specific direction and likely why the islanders raft...