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    whats ya ringtone?

    If u listen to the main theme of lucky star it sounds like "I buy sausage" LOL!
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    Is there an anime store in Exeter?

    Taunton? so is that far from plymouth?
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Shadow hearts 2- convienent.
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    I hav shadow hearts 2 on ps2. its well good.
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    lol nice name MrChom!!
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    I might leave this place

    lol! subject change..
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    Once big anime fan, then wasn't... now is again!

    Lol nice picture Aaron, looking good!
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    I might leave this place

    You get irittated? wtf? its cuz i make different posts aint it? its just a flaming different subject aint it??
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    I might leave this place

    everyone here hates me cuz im different. I really hate it here and the website im on is well better than this **** hole.
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    Things you REALLY hate!!!

    I hate.. Perverts Guys who look at me and ask for my number.. I reply saying "sorry darling, Im engaged" People who hate us goths (chavs!!)
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    What series do u hate?

    GURREN LAGGEN SUCKS!! evangelion is worse then ever.
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    whats ya ringtone?

    OMFG! I hate lucky star. my fiancee had the ringtone and i cant stand it!! I BUY SAUSAGE!!| OMFG CRAP! lol
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    Jimmy Carr

    I think hes really funny!
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    more pics i did!

    this time i didn't sign them... thats one i did.. want more?
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    What ya get when ya bored...

    i know the real vincent! hes cute! he changed his name to vincent noble valentine cuz he's just like him! (not emo) lol.
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    whats ya ringtone?

    At the moment my ringtone (for calls) is force your way from ff8. My message tone is Fanfare from ff8! :P whats ur lots ringtones?
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    What ya get when ya bored...

    crap as always (college) just finished work with kids and its well fun! its a placement and I love it. This my fav picture ever!!
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    crappiest anime sereis ever?

    Ikki Tousen u mean?
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    What manga are you reading now?

    DearS again. its funny.