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    My Summer Shenanigans Sale!

    Hi Guys, My new house has been rapidly filling up with stuff, and as I have less time to watch anime than I used to, me and the wife figured it was the right time to move on some of my collection that I'm less likely to watch again, to put against the CC bill :) From what I can see some of these...
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    Retailer cross checking sites?

    Hi Guys, A while ago someone mentioned a website that'd crosscheck a load of popular retailers for tv series/movies etc for you, to take the work out of finding the best deal for a given series, similar to what gamespider does for video games. Unfortunately I completely forgot to bookmark...
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    Autumn Steam Sale!! Hide your wallets!

    Yes, another 5 days of offers has begun, including Mass Effect at £2.49 and several other semi-decent deals already. If any of the rest of you are like me, I usually end up collecting far too many cheap games I'll probably never play during these sales :eek: :cry: Hide your wallets!!
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    Sooo...what to watch next [list within!]?

    Umming and ahhing my way through my Halloween themed Supernatural series season; but a little lost on what to check out next as I've not had a chance to move onto the next show after finishing Witch Hunter Robin, so rather than sitting there and say, flipping a coin, I figured I'd get you guys...
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    Recommend me some Region A Blurays

    NoHi guys, Up til now I've only been able to play Region A BDs on my PC, so I've kinda held off on a lot of purchases so I don't end up feeling the need to have to rip them etc. Now I have the multiregion player, that's not an issue, and it's not only payday this coming week, but my birthday...
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    Multiregion BD/DVD - sub £50 decent brand

    Well, I guess this could technically go in the Sales or other threads, but I thought this was a decent enough deal that it was worth a post on it's own, because the multi-region BD part might be of interest to a lot of us. Richer Sounds, instore only Toshiba BDX1200 £50 (or 60 with 5 year...
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    Wanted: Spice and Wolf related, particularly the Yunomi Mugs

    Bit of a long shot here as I've not had much luck finding them. One of those situations where when I saw them, I didn't have the cash, now I do they're hard to find. If anyones got any of them they'd be willing to sell on, let me know. Potentially also interested in other merchandise...
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    I forgot to make one!

    Well I've been hanging around for a few weeks now, but as I completely missed this section (I mean who reads *ALL* the way to the bottom, seriously ;)) Ironically I joined after finding this forum, after a simple comment on facebook in response to Manga steamrolled and the semi-news it...