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    Looking for manga

    If anyone has any manga collections that they are selling could you reply to thread or message me with name and price please
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    Funko pop sales/trade

    Boruto funko pop Sarada funko pop Mitsuki funko pop All are brand new open to trade for other anime pops or open to offers
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    Looking for

    Currently looking to see if anyone is selling the baccano hardback novels & welcome to the nhk Novel I have volumes 1,3,4,5,6& 12 of baccano and am looking for the rest
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    Anime games sale/trade

    Looking to sell/trade Croixleur sigma - limited run games School girl zombie hunters Defenders quest - limited run games Looking for Gravity rush remastered but open to other trades just tell me what you have also open to offers on the price
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    Looking to sell my tales of berseria collector's edition very good condition comes with everything it's supposed too looking £80 plus 5 shipping
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    Few bits for sale

    Shaman king japanese manga missing 2 volumes + flowers 1-3 £29.99 Welcome to the nhk artbox volumes 1-5 £14.99 Lucky star volume 1 -offers Nami wall scroll official - 14.99 Shaman king flowers volumes 1-6 £14.99 Toradora nis premium edition 1&2 comes with limited edition box and episode...
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    Getting rid of my last few items

    Senran Kagura shinovi versus lets get physical editio ps vita - £30 Enel figuarts zero figure like new only been displayed -£40 Simca & ringo excellent model figures £35 simcas peg is broke but still stands Haganai volumes 1,2,3,5, log horizon volume1, Highschool DxD 1,2 mayo chiki volume 1...
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    Whole collection sale!

    Some items are free postage some arent, message me i can provide pictures for all items ANIME FMP Bluray seasons 1-3 R1 £17 Needless Part 2 blu ray R1 £5 bleach seasons 1-11 13-14 part 1 £55 The familiar of zero season 1 blu ray R1 £10 Air gear complete series with art box R1 £13 Weclome to...
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    Air gear manga 1-35 £180 Bleach 1-42 £40 Naruto 1-55 £40 Shaman king 1-32 £70 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Black Magician Girl - 1/7 (Kotobukiya)£50 Air Gear - Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Mask Ver. (Yamato) £70 Erza scarlett swimsuit - £90 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Kashiwazaki Sena - 1/8 -...
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    Anime, manga game sale

    Anime Durarara season 1 limited edition blu ray £25 Welcome to the NHK volume 1-5 with artbox £20 R1 full metal panic seasons 1,2,3 blu ray £20 region A Familliar of zero S1 R1 blu ray £10 Full metal alchemist brotherhood manga uk £25 bleach 1-11, 13-14 part 1 £70 Region free bluray player £50...
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    New anime sale

    Haganai season 1 limited edition - £35 Full metal alchemist complete series blu ray - £30 Negima Season 1 £10 Strike witches season 1 &2 blu ray £10 each Durarara season 1 collectors edition £25 durarara shou x2 collectors edition still sealed £30 Gurren lagann ultimate edition £50 (Dented)...
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    Fairy Tail Trade

    Anyone interested in Trading me Fairy tail volumes 1-4 DVD (Single Volumes) for my US fairy tail collection 1 & 2 bluray/dvd combo packs(Compatible with UK players)
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    New Japanese 3DS LL Sale/Trade

    Looking to sell or trade my New 3ds LL its black and only been opened to check the firmware version which is 8.1, comes boxed with everything it should have. Looking to sell for £100 + £5 tracked postage or trade for a UK 3ds XL must be like new condition and firmware 9.2 or under
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    Anime/Manga clearout!

    Open to trading for figures, buyer also pays postage New Items: Black lagoon bluray combo pack + Robertas blood trail bluray £30 Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood bluray complete series + OVAs bluray + Conqueror of shamballa blu ray £60 Spice & wolf season 1 & 2 combo pack + artbox £25 SHaman...
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    Gaming PC Build

    Looking to buy a gaming with a £500 budget, at the moment I have these parts in mind will they work? or does anyone have a better build for the price? AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz Socket AM3+ 14MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor - £65.17 Sapphire R9 280 DUAL-X 3GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E...
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    Clannad for sale

    Looking to sell clannad seasons 1 & 2 £20 each with free postage
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    Looking for digimon seasons 1-4

    Anyone have them for sale?
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    K limited edition

    Have 2 K limited editions for sale or trade both sealed
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    Zavvi Question?

    If I pre order something from zavvi and pay with paypal will paypal try to take the funds from my bank straight away or will it happen on the dispatch day as I dont have enough in my bank at the moment.
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    Selling Anime, Manga & Games

    All Shipping Is Free Anime Heavens lost property Forte DVD £13 Adventure Duo - £9 Green Green - £20 R1 Haruhi Suzumiya Limited Edition volume 1 box only - £13 Welcome to the NHK Volumes 1-5 w/ Artbox £35 R1 Manga Coming Soon! Games Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor DS - £10 More Coming Soon!