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    dont you just hate it when.........

    People expect everyone to celebrate valentines day (even more annoying when you're single). It's just a day with an excuse for people to spend money they don't have, or could be better used buying Anime/Manga.
  2. J

    What would you have as your anime name???

    I actually like my own name.. but if I had to change it I would change it too Sousuke.
  3. J

    How much do you spend every month?

    I would say that monthly I spend around £20-60. But that changes if a figure comes out I want or I go to an expo, like this month, where I am bound to spend way over that.
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    Welcome! Which Star Treks do you like? =P Erm.. oh yeah it's an Anime forum.. What Anime / Manga are you enjoying at the moment?
  5. J

    Bethesda Fallout MMORPG Rights!

    I think I would at least try it to see what it's like, as I like the fallout games. But lets hope it's more stable than their other releases as they're not known for the most reliable games, in terms of crashing and bugs.
  6. J

    SOPA Needs To Be Stopped

    There are a lot of high profile people companies signing these letters. Lets hope it does some good.
  7. J

    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Ouran High School Host Club
  8. J

    SOPA Needs To Be Stopped

    If they do go ahead with the blackout I will respect them more for actually doing it. People need to be made aware of this and maybe the annoyance of the sites they use daily being offline in protest may get their attention.
  9. J

    Live Action Akira Put On Hold For Downscaling

    We can only hope it's never released...
  10. J

    Spring Anime 2012

    Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Jigokyhen and Fate / Zero (If I ever get around to watching part 1) I may check a few of the others out too...
  11. J

    Anime Clubs of the United Kingdom and Ireland

    Haha. Damn you I can't think if a come back to that! If I even vaugely knew one person there I would go but I don't think I could turn up to something on my lonesome... Definitely as I am unsure where it is... Oh and I was going to tell you if there were any upcoming events on their FB...
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    Games you've played to Death

    I've not played Smash Bro's for years! I bet they are collecting dust somewhere in my house... I would was FF7, but considering it's a fairly big game in terms of Content vs Played time I think I played Phantasy Star Online I & II for the GC a hell of a lot more. Kind of want to play it right...
  13. J

    What Games Are You Playing?

    Recently I have been playing Medieval Moves, House of the Dead and Dungeon Defenders... All good games, But Medieval Moves is tiring after a while.
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    Hello and Welcome!
  15. J

    David Cameron says the UK is a Christian country

    To be honest there is nothing really Christian about Christmas, they just created it around the same time of pre-existing winter festivals like the Pagan and Roman ones... The only reason the country is Christian is because a lot of people still class themselves as Christians even though they...
  16. J

    Anime Clubs of the United Kingdom and Ireland

    Looks very interesting, I would be tempted to join but due to a lack of friends that like Anime, or even know what it is, I would feel weird if I turned up on my own and knew no one...
  17. J

    What manga are you reading now?

    I just caught up on One Piece and currently reading Hunter x Hunter 14 (I have loads left unread and I thought it was about time I started reading some)
  18. J

    What did you RECEIVE today?

    I received some presents I ordered for my family... I should really start wrapping them soon.
  19. J

    dont you just hate it when.........

    My rentals come from lovefilm too and it is really bad at times, you'd think they'd clean them upon return. But saying that, I had a disc that didn't work the once and reported it and they sent me a new CD and another copy of the broken one (so I ended up with an extra CD) which I thought was good.
  20. J

    dont you just hate it when.........

    I take good care of my discs so I don't have any problems. I do have clean rentals though, as some people seem to think the bottom of the disc is where fingerprints go!