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    Most expensive Gundam ever ... -uh-socks/ Can anyone identify the specific Gundam?
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    Dwarf Fortress

    Anyone playing this? If you have ever liked Nethack or Angband you owe it to yourself to check this out. Very high quality considering it is just an alpha, and the strategic depth is staggering. The...
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    Kurogane new Del Ray manga by Kei Toume

    Anyone read this? First volume is out now. I hadn't heard anything about this before. But I like Kei Toume's work: Lament of the Lamb, and I am well curious about this. Description: (taken from United Publications) Avenging his father's murder was a matter of honor for the young samurai...
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    Future Manga releases on

    I checked through the future releases of for some odd reason, but I found some very interesting things there. The forthcoming Del Rey releases have been scheduled for the announced titles (Ghost Hunt, Negima, Tsubasa, Guru Guru Pon chan, Basilisk etc.)...
  5. L 4 for £18 deal (Tokyopop titles)

    Giving you peeps a heads up on this new Tokyopop deal on ... page=promo The already rather cheap prices there have been taken down a notch. Nearly 80 titles are included, especially interesting is that this includes a good run of some of...
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    40% off select manga titles on ... 19-4928738 List is pretty respectable at least a couple of hundred titles. Mostly a big chunk of tokyopop stuff. Even some of their newer releases. Not much Viz stuff unless you start counting the Gollanz titles. Apologies if this is a double post.