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    Anime Anagrams Game

    Title says it all, pretty much. An anagram is where you rearrange the letters of something to make something new. Try and guess what the anagram is an anagram of. If you win, you get to post the next one. EXAMPLE: DIAL IT IN is an anagram of.... INITIAL D Ok, now for one to...
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    Lulzsec hackers arrested! :D

    Source: HA! Serves them right for being dicks. At least Anonymous did things for the right reasons, Lulzsec were just trolling.
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    DARK SOULS Out this Friday, I'm sure I'm not the only one here getting it. General Dark Souls discussion here as we all struggle through the game, dying many many times. DON'T BE A DICK, REMEMBER YOUR SPOILER TAGS. Demon's Souls discussion can fill the gap until...
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    Suspected Lulzsec hacker arrested. :D HA! :D
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    Internet access a human right? ... 509215.stm Sounds like a good idea to me, for the most part at least.
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    Problem downloading your free games on PSN? Here's the fix!

    Tried to download your free games, had an error, and now the 'Free Game' link on the welcome back page of the PSN store is gone? Never fear, for here is the solution! On the XMB, go to Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List > Playstation(R)Network Promotions >...
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    AV Referendum results this evening. PLACE YOUR BETS NOW!

    You've no doubt heard about it by now. The AV Referendum. While the NO camp may have had a boost in support through lies and propaganda late in the game, apparently there has been a fair bit of voter apathy on their side, with the YES camp being more motivated to go out an help fix this...
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    For sale: EPIC MICKEY on Wii, New *Sealed*, £20 ONO *SOLD*

    As the title says, I am selling Epic Mickey on Wii, brand new, sealed. I am looking for £20, but I'll consider offers. If you buy it for £20, then I'll cover the postage cost. Otherwise, postage will be £1. Thanks for looking. :) Edit: Also, if it is unsold after a week, I will just...
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    Bayonetta framerate discussion (split thread)

    I've played the PS3 port, and the only notable differences were that prior to an update released over a year ago, the PS3 version had some bad loading times, and the colours are not as bright, a bit like comparing US TV and UK TV. And apparently the frame rate is better on the 360 version...
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    Pokémon tournament SIGN UP!

    Ok, time to get the Jigglypuff rolling on this one. AUKN's Pokémon 5th Gen tournament! Rules: Triple battle No same Pokémon No same held items No Legendaries (To clarify, that will include Thundurus, Tornadus, Landorus, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Victini, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem...
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    Pokémon tournament!

    I reckon enough of us would enter to make it worthwhile. :) This thread is just a heads up on it though. Making a team takes time, so I want you all to have enough time to do so. To keep it fair for everyone, including those who do not have the previous generation of games, or perhaps...
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    Zombie outbreak! What would YOU do?

    If there was a zombie outbreak tomorrow, what would YOU do? If you get bitten, you have approximately 24 hours before you 'turn', and the media has given you warning of the outbreak approximately 24 hours before the outbreak is predicted to reach your location. How would you prepare? What...
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    Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

    As the title suggests, this is a thread for posting pics of your anime DVD collections, or other anime items in such quantities that you just have to show them off, and so that others may comment on your collection. Here is my collection. ^_^ May it give you an insight into my tastes in...
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    Transformers: War For Cybertron PS3

    Anyone else here play it? I'm really enjoying the multiplayer and co-op modes, and want to know if anyone else here plays it, with the aim of playing with people I know from here. ^_^
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    How did you get into anime?

    How did you get into anime? If I missed out any poll options, lemme know and I'll edit them in.
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    New Virus pretending to be an Anti-Virus, and how to fix it.

    I have just encountered an annoying virus on my computer that is pretending to be an anti-virus. It calls itself 'Vista Antivirus Pro' and it makes a good effort to look genuine, but I still thought it didn't look right. This is how you...
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    Good dub, bad dub.

    What makes a good dub good, and a bad dub bad? Often we might talk about how much we like or dislike any particular dubs, but what in particular is it that we dislike about certain dubs? What do we like about them? Must a dub cast the voices as close as possible to the sub to be a good dub...
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    DVD Pacific in trouble? Visit their site & You'll see. Seems they've lost the domain. Is this merely one piece of a larger problem for them?
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    First Form Favouritism

    The title refers to the tendency to prefer the first version of a story one sees/reads to any subsequent versions, regardless of the individual merits of either over the other. I am prompted to consider this after hearing that the Death Note anime is generally regarded to be better than the...
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    Legality of Downloading

    Re: Anime Boxsets It is naive to consider illegal downloading to be stealing when it quite clearly is not. If I went to an art gallery and took a photo of the original actual Mona Lisa using a really amazing high res camera, then used that to make a copy which I then hang in my living room...