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    2009 in film, your best/worst

    The year is coming to its close and it's actually been a really good year for movies in my opinion! So what are your top picks for films released in cinemas in 2009. I'm very interested. :) Here's my top 3... Moon Sci-Fi as it should be done. This is basically a one man show where Sam...
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    House MD: Broken - Season 6 Premiere

    So I just finished watching the 2 hour premiere. Season 5 was enjoyable but the formula was starting to feel a little too buy the books, it was frustrating that House wasn't going anywhere and the random plot twist (Kutners suicide) just felt more gimmicky than anything else. Given how season 5...
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    Worst reasons why people don't like movies....

    Just felt like making this topic since this forum is plodding along slowly and recently I've become more annoyed with comments from people about why they didn't like a film. Valid points about the performances, soundtrack and whatever but some are just completely unreasonable. 1. "The...
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    Review of Dororo! (Live action)

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Dororo! (Live action) by Sy</b> Dororo is based on the comic by manga grandaddy, Osamu Tezuka, and even though I'm becoming more familiar with his work recently (Buddha, Black Jack, Metropolis, Astro Boy)...
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    Review of Tamagotchi: The Movie

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Tamagotchi: The Movie by Sy</b> I may be a fully grown man that has just finished watching a movie aimed at kids but please save your pity for another time, this review was for king and country - or maybe...
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    New anime music video by Canadian/Japanese Band-Monkey Majik

    And guess what... Lupin III is in it! I find it quite awesome and love the Monkey Punch style they went for similar to another recent Music video featuring Lupin. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
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    Aion & CGeek

    I just wanted to ask if CitizenGeek has a permanent ban or not. I know that things really went downhill in the General Conversation topic but both Aion and CGeek do contribute a lot to the forum when they're not getting up peoples noses. I think it'd be a shame to lose either of them as members.
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    Patrick McGoohan dies at 80

    Damn shame to here about this but at 80 he had a long life. I grew up watching The Prisoner, Danger Man and Columbo (repeats of course, i'm not that old) and they are still shows I watch to this day. If any of you haven't seen The Prisoner I suggest you check it out since it's what I consider to...
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    Copy Protection

    Well I've just about reached my limit. From now on if a DVD says it's copy protected on the back then **** it, they ain't having my money. Why am I so pissed off about copy protection? Well because when I buy a DVD legally I expect it to ******* play! The last few DVD's I've bought that have...
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    Seven Pounds

    Anybody else looking forward to this Will Smith movie? It has the same team as The Pursuit of Happyness which is one of my favourite movies. A story about the American dream without being gushy, cheesy or alienating the rest of the world? I was impressed and expect the same quality from this...
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    Review of Mega Man: Star Force

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Mega Man: Star Force by Sy</b> I opened my eyes, soaking wet and staring at the clearest blue sky I had ever seen in my life. The sound of the sea all around me and sand creeping it's way into my...
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    Review of Burst Angel: Infinity

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Burst Angel: Infinity by Sy</b> <meta http-equiv="CONTENT-TYPE" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <title></title> <meta name="GENERATOR" content=" 2.4 (Win32)"><style...
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    Review of Buso Renkin #1

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Buso Renkin #1 by Sy</b> <div align="left"><em>"Now go to hell! I'll splatter your guts!"</em> Not the the catchiest of catchphrases I've heard but it cuts right to the point. Let that quote set the...
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    Review of Fist of the North Star

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Fist of the North Star by Sy</b> Back in the 90's Manga Entertainment had a knack for flooding the UK anime market with ultra violent, foul mouthed, sex fests and Fist of the North Star falls under at...
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    Revelation Films delay releases until 2009

    For those wondering about the status of <strong><em>Revelation Films</em></strong>' <em><strong>Funimation</strong></em> titles, we contacted them directly and they responded with this rather grim sounding message. <em>"We have decided to postpone all of our remaining releases for 2008...
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    I know I'm not one of the official reviewers for the site but is there a chance that you could use my review of The Sectret of Mamo in the main reviews section seeing as no one else has done one for it yet? I'm willing to do one for the Lupin III manga as well seeing as the manga section is...
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    Review of Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo

    <img src=""> <b>Review of Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo by Sy</b> <span class="postbody">In the first feature length outing of the now forty year old master thief Lupin the Third we are introduced to the protagonist straight away...
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    Short Film

    Just an idea for a short film about Mop Heads I had from a friends college work. I had about 10 minutes to get footage for this so it's quite rushed and on the spot but I think it turned out pretty good for what it is. "Assassination of a Mop Head" <object width="425" height="344"><param...
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    Kid gets marks in exam for writing 'f--- off'

    Original link. *facepalm* Has the educational system really dropped so far below the bar that they will actually give people marks for things like this. The dumbing down of the UK is almost complete, the fact that they decided to give him any marks at all pretty much proves it. *sigh*
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    Muslims offended by picture of dog on police adverts

    Full article here. So does this mean we can say goodbye to the Andrex puppy and the Dulux dog? Seems absolutely crazy to me but then again maybe I'm wrong. It seems like no matter what you do these days you're going to offend somebody.