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    Did this ever get made?,7340 ... 78,00.html Basically it is about Chiune Sugihara, a man who was Japanese Consul to Lithuania just after the Soviet invasion in 1940. He, against the wishes of his goverment, signed thousands of transit vias for Jewish refugees to go to Japan - hence...
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    Anime everyone else thinks is great but you don't like

    I've been thinking about the previous times this has come up. (And I know I have had my argument before :P) In my case it is Evangelion. I remember watching it on the Sci Fi block back in about 2002. At the time I was not on the net all that much and certainly not for Anime. To be bluntly honest...
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    Earthsea and other adaptations

    I thought I'd bring this up as the original topic vanished (the discussion about it however, was offtopic anyway :P) Basically, people were saying Tales from Earthsea was extremely bad etc. Partially due to the adaption issues. My reply, which seemed to end the topic (implying something? :P)...
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    Origin: Spirits of the Past

    A random buy from HMV yesterday. The cover looked great, the animation looked a bit different, and the blurb made me think a little of Nausicaa. I took the plunge despite the 94 minutes running tag seeming dangerously short. (Haven't bought an Anime film since Earthsea so really felt like it!)...
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    Flute Link - Otakon 2008

    Had to post this, been floating around since this morning, and quite aside from some amazing playing it is just... amazing. Quite aside from me being an Ocarina of Time Fanboy (Still my 'best game ever' approaching 10 years after release) it is just great fun...
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    After a couple of years of desperately trying to find this anime, I finally got hold of it in the past few days, and have been spending my time watching it. Being very interested in Shinto and polytheistic religions in general, this was right up my ally, but more than that the trailers suggested...
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    Whisper of the Heart

    You know, right back when I got this anime I thought it was amazing, and right then I was perfectly happy to rank it as my fave Ghibli film alongside Mononoke, despite the fact it is almost utterly forgotten by most. However despite watching it to death at the time, I had not watched it for a...
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    Any sign of Kamichu?

    Been intreagued by this anime for ages, but so far it seems to be hiding, any news anywhere about it being released here?
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    Ninja Nonsense

    Been wondering for a while, is there any news at all about a possible UK release of this? (I loved the first Episode on a Newtype DvD from ages ago)
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    Finally got around to getting it yesterday - It seems the dark days of not being able to find the anime I want in the shops around here are returning - but anyway, it was great in all. Completely mindbending of course, and reminding me more of Millennium Actress than Kon's other work. I would...
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    The Tree of Palme

    I was pondering getting this ages ago when it was still only in newtype, and now having seen it around I am pondering again. Question is, Is it whimsical and heartwarming, or silly and childish? :roll: Or failing those definitions, is it any good? :wink:
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    Question: Is there, or is there going to be, a UK release of this Manga? Yes, I know I can get it about on Amazon, but it costs a fortune, and I honestly do not know where to start on that front. Plus I hate buying second hand off the net. And before you say it. No I will not ebay it :P
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    Finally watched all of Serial Experiments Lain

    It took me long enough, but at last i've got to the end of this series by ABe. Well it certainly twisted my mind around more than just about anything i have ever watched, with the possible exception of Paranoia Agent, though i think that dealt with more internal issues, where as this dealt...
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    Future Boy Conan

    I have just finished watching this series on fansubs after an epic two week struggle to download the lot and find time to watch them. For those who don't know, this was the first Tv series Hayao Miyazaki solo directed (well most of it) back in 1978, making it a daunting 28 years old. I...
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    Nausicaa manga

    I was wondering about this. I am not a manga fan per se, namely as it has proven very difficult to get hold of. However i have for a long time now wanted to get hold of the nausicaa manga. However i believe the only edition about is the old Viz edition, though i believe that is america only...
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    Final Thoughts on Haibane Renmei

    Its now two and a half years since i was introduced to Haibane Renmei by a friend on another internet board who said a race i developed for my fantasy writing was like the Haibane (they weren't really, just humans with wings really!) But it has taken these two and a half years until today until...
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    Screams about ROD TV cliffhanger!

    Despite some not liking the series, i loved the first volume, and the 2nd and 3rd volumes arived today. Being used to the somewhat unbelievable story telling of the OVA and the first episodes, i fully expected that i could hand anything the next two volumes could throw at me... Hell was i...
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    What has happened to MAMEzine?

    because it hasn't worked for ages and ts now saying that the site has been suspended :?:
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    Hello thar

    Well, having looked around the web for anime sites dealing with england, i finally found this place. good to see that other people actually do like anime in england in any case! been an anime fan for about five years now (since i was 15) being introduced by my brother. but only last year did i...