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  1. KingJimmeh

    Anime Meets in The North-West

    I don't know how many people around here are located in the North-West of England, but for those that are and want to meet other anime fans from across the region, you should "like" the Facebook Fan Page for North-West Meets: Anime In the North-West Fan Page We also have a Facebook Group @...
  2. KingJimmeh

    Anime Top Trumps

    I think this is best suited for here, but if not, feel free to move it. --- Anyways, ilmaestro originally suggested this idea in the North/South Korea thread, and I thought it was a pretty awesome one, so put together this little discussion/event-type thread, which is that: We're Gonna...
  3. KingJimmeh

    Starz Nabs Assassin Project From Sam Raimi ... -sam-44664 --- Well, I've seen a bit of Starz' Sparticus, and that was pretty good. I've heard Noir isn't the greatest series, but I think it probably has the most potential of an anime adaptation that has been done thus far.
  4. KingJimmeh

    Favourite Albums Released in 2008

    So, we're approaching the Year's end, and we've a lot of significant releases this year, but what are your favourite releases of the past 12 months? Quicklist from me: Death Magnetic - Metallica 5 years since the appalling mess that was St. Anger, Metallica have come back better than ever...
  5. KingJimmeh

    King Jimmeh's Manga and Anime [Sale/Trade]

    I've gathered a lot of manga and anime over the last year or so, and some of it I haven't even read/watched and doubt i'll ever get around to doing so. Therefore, i'm putting them up here. Also need money for upcoming conventions and the such, seeing as how i've run out of my student loan money...
  6. KingJimmeh

    Ouran High School Dub Cast

    Source: ... -Day-2.htm
  7. KingJimmeh

    GitS: Innocence news

    Source: ... -Day-2.htm
  8. KingJimmeh

    Hello Everybody!

    Hello there peoples! Just found this site, and thought I'd sign up :) I'm Jim, i'm 18 and i'm an anime fan from Crewe, Cheshire. Quick bit about me; *Am about to start a foundation degree in IT *I work for Connexions Cheshire & Warrington as a 'Youth Link Worker' *My favourite...