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    Manga Sale!

    Will be adding more to this over the next few days so keep checking back! PM me if interested. Up for sale: Chobits 1-8 English Language Manga (complete series) £3 a volume or £20 for the entire series. (HELD TILL SUNDAY) Berserk 1-7 English Language Manga £4 a volume or all the...
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    New ADV Films license

    According to ANN, ADV Films have licensed school based comedy series Best Student Council (aka Gokujou Seitokai) for US release. The series is due to launch in the US in early 2007.
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    European PS3 Launch delayed ... t;action;1 Obviously a big let down for those out there who planned to get this before or during Xmas. Looks like the PS3 won't be reaching Europe till March 2007. Lack of parts to manufacture the Blu-Ray DVD's drives is the cause.
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    All Time Top 10 Games

    Yeh top 10 threads are sprouting up across the forums, so I thought we should have an up to date gaming one (we probably had one of these about a year ago). Anyway, list your top 10 games (and the format you played them on) if you cant put them order it dosen't matter! 1) Half Life (including...
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    New US anime licensors make a start

    According to ANN, a new US anime licensor named Illumitoon Entertainment Ltd has announced its acquisition of fantasy adventure series Beet The Vandel Buster and Beet The Vandel Buster Excellion. Illumitoon (which is founded by former Funimation executives) stated in it's press release "Already...
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    Latest Geneon license

    AnimeOnDVD are reporting that Geneon have licensed historical WW2 based anime Zipang for the US market. MVM have released some of Geneon's titles in the UK so a release over here could happen in the future.
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    Funimation license Witchblade

    According to AnimeOnDVD Funimation have the distribution rights to action series Witchblade, one of the latest anime from Studio GONZO (Last Exile, Samurai 7). MVM have released several of Funimation's titles in the UK (Fruits Basket, Burst Angel) so a release here may be on the cards.
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    ADV Films license Comic Party Revolution

    AnimeOnDVD are reporting that ADV Films has announced the license for Comic Party Revolution. So far none of the franchise has been released in the UK.
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    New Manga Entertainment licenses

    According to a report on Anime On DVD at the American anime convention Anime Central 2006, Manga Entertainment announced some new licenses and confirmed a speculated license. Manga confirmed they had licensed extremely gory new horror series TOKKO which had been previously speculated as being...
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    Latest ADV Films license

    According to ANN, ADV Films have announced the licensing of UFO Princess Valkyrie Season 2 (UFO Princess Valkyrie ~ December Nocturne). The first season is currently being released on DVD in the US and the acquisition of the second series may well indicate that it is performing well. The series...
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    Media Blasters License Gaogaigar

    According to a post on AnimeOnDVD, American licensors Media Blasters have licensed late 90's mecha show King of Braves: GaoGaiGar. The news of the license comes from the announcement that the first DVD will debut on 29/08/2006 stateside.
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    BBFC edit Paranoia Agent Volume 3

    According to a post on the AnimeOnDVD forums, the third volume of Paranoia Agent has been edited by the BBFC. The BBFC page for Paranoia Agent Volume 3 states "Cuts required (on potential harm grounds) to the sight of a child attempting to hang herself, and accompanying subtitles. Cuts in...
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    Viz license Bleach

    <p><a href="">AnimeOnDVD</a> is reporting that supernatural fighting series <a href="">Bleach</a> has been licensed for release in the US by Viz Media. Bleach is currently one of the most popular anime on...
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    Two new Geneon anime licenses

    Geneon recently posted clues of two upcoming license announcements in the Geneon Lounge. The clues were: Difficult Hints: 1) Both titles star a group of young girls dealing with their daily lives. 2) Both had comics serialized in Dengeki Daioh magazine and made the cover for several...
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    Disgaea anime licensed?

    AnimeOnDVD has pointed out an online article which indicates that the anime Makai Senki Disgaea (which launches in Japan in April) is pre-licensed by Geneon. Geneon have made no official confirmation of the license as of yet. Makai Senki Disgaea is based on the popular Playstation 2 RPG...
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    Funimation acquire Afro Samurai

    According to AnimeOnDVD Funimation have announced the rights to Afro Samurai. The series is produced by Japanese animation powerhouse GONZO, but will be released in the US before Japan. Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson will be playing the lead character "Afro". Funimation will release the title...
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    Funimation license FMA movie

    According to the Toonzone forums, Funimation have announced their license for the Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala movie. The events of the movie take place after the conclusion of the TV series. Update: AnimeOnDVD are reporting that the US release date for the FMA movie is now...
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    ADV Films license Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai

    According to a post on on the AnimeOnDVD forums ADV Films has licensed the GAINAX anime Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai (This Ugly and Beautiful World). No further information as to when the title will launch is yet available.
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    4Kids License Pretty Cure

    According to an update on AnimeOnDVD 4Kids have licensed magical girl anime Pretty Cure, which is currently on it's third series. 4Kids have announced the show will debut on US TV in September.
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    Funimation license Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

    Today at US anime convention Katsucon, Funimation have announced the license for slice of life romance series Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. The series will be renamed "Rumbling Hearts" and released in the US in October this year.