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    Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Vol 13

    For some reason I have a spare copy. Unread and as new. Looking for a couple of quid to cover postage and packing.
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    The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya paperback

    In a total brainfade moment I ordered the paperback instead of the hardback. :oops: It's in unread condition but thanks to Amazon's packaging its got slight damage on 2 corners of the spine. Make me a semi-sensible offer, I probably won't refuse. It will be posted 1st class.
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    Its a long shot - Yourfreedom & the BBFC

    Click Here Lets try and get as many votes as possible, its worth a try at least! It looks like 1100 is the current high water mark. I know some of you hate the BBFC with a vitriolic passion and want to see it hung, drawn and quatered but please put that to one side just for a moment...
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    Freedoms or freedumbs? Nice idea but its turned into world+wife axe grinding. That is if you can get on. Huge numbers of freetards whining about how the internet and stealing other peoples stuff should be a human right, motorists moaning that MOTs are too strict and that...
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    London\'s BFI Anime Weekend booking opened

    Evangelion 1.0 an 2.0 coming to the BFI in May Eva 1 and 2 at the BFI on Fri May 21st. So much for it being in april as Manga said... 1.0 2.0
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    Video Recordings Act is no more? ... gal_highs/ The VRA banned the sale of videos, and later DVDs and games containing pre-recorded video sequences (not the gameplay itself), unless they had been rated and passed by the BBFC. So, does this mean we might see a self-certification...
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    Tales from Earthsea to get Film4 showing

    Forum user <strong><a href="" onclick="'profile.php?mode=miniprofile'amp;u=2491', '_miniprofile', 'HEIGHT=300,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,WIDTH=290');return false;" target="_miniprofile">Project-2501</a></strong> has...