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    KLK - Queries and a schedule update

    Good news, bad news folks for KLK! Good news first - we've got the dates pushed up! So right now our release format is as below: KLK Part 2 Contains: Eps 10-19 (I've checked the discs, they are labeled correctly too - shock, horror!) Extras on disc: Web previews, clean opening, clean...
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    Anime Limited wants to hear your opinions on deluxe packaging

    Thought folks may be interested to hear a few gossip points: PACKAGING FOR ULTIMATES: I'm meeting the head of purchasing for our replicators to discuss what we use to store the Ultimate Edition discs in. For the first few we did (up to Giovanni) we've used larger digipacks. My issue so far...
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    Anime Limited updates and ideas - DRR / Gurren edition

    On a more cheerful note asides from just responding to stuff, I figured I'd drop in and discuss a few things we're working on to get feedback from folks. We're doing our Q1 / Q2 planning and here are some things that cropped up when planning: 1. DURARARA We listened to folks requests to not...
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    I.G, Tatami Galaxy's director Yuasa Raise Funds for Kick-Heart Anime

    Re: The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread) Worth taking a look at - Production I.G and Masaaki Yuasa (Mind Game, Genius Party, Tatami Galaxy) has launched a Kickstarter for his new animation project. You can check it out over here - have already supported it personally as if it...
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    Berserk films licensed by Kaze

    Beating everyone to the punch - yes we've licensed the Berserk film series and yes I have plans for theatrical. I think you can take an educated guess as to where my planned UK premiere is - but that will be confirmed in summer. Press release will fill this space in due course too this week...