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  1. Dai

    Anime documentaries

    If you find any good anime documentaries on Youtube or elsewhere, post links here. A couple of the best channels I've found for well-researched anime documentaries are: kenny lauderdale If you're interested in old or obscure anime, this channel is a goldmine. He specialises in shows and OAVs...
  2. Dai

    Godzilla at sunset

    This came together faster than I expected, considering it's been 18 months since I last painted anything and 20 years since I last did an ocean scene. 2.5 hours in Painter 2016 using oils brushes and blenders.
  3. Dai

    We Have (No) Faith in Humanity

    List things that increased or decreased your faith in humanity recently. We'll give humanity the benefit of the doubt and begin with a neutral score of zero. Each positive thing will give a +1 Faith in Humanity Score, and each negative thing will give a -1. Was evolution a mistake? Let's find...
  4. Dai

    "But we're both girls!" - The Yuri Thread

    Searching back through the forum archives, it seems to be several years since there was last an active yuri thread. I'm sure forum membership has changed a lot in that time, and the genre has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years, so I'm curious if there are many other fans here...
  5. Dai

    Write an unromantic haiku

    Here are the rules: Syllable structure must be 5-7-5 Must include a seasonal theme (otherwise it would be a senryu, not haiku) Must start romantic, but end unromantic Examples: Changing face of March Chill of winter slips away Now file tax return Sweet summer maiden Your ripe melons on the...
  6. Dai

    Shuwatch now or never: Ultraman is leaving Crunchyroll

    In typical Crunchyroll fashion, they've only given little over a week's notice that the remaining Ultraman shows are being removed. They're all going on 31st March. I...
  7. Dai

    Must-see anime movies

    I should really get around to upgrading my ancient VHS copy of Grave of the Fireflies, but I don't know if I could ever bear to watch it again.
  8. Dai

    If western stories had anime/light novel titles

    Take a western movie, series, or book, and give it two new titles: one imagining it had started as an anime, and the other imagining it had started as a light novel. Examples: The Avengers Anime: New Century Superhuman Taskforce Abengel LN: This Super Team Ain't Big Enough for this Rich Ass...
  9. Dai

    Misleading movie trailers

    Sometimes the people making a movie and the people marketing it just aren't on the same page. Maybe the marketing team didn't understand the film, or maybe the studio wanted to draw in a different viewer demographic, but sometimes you can be left wondering what happened to the movie you thought...
  10. Dai

    In Memoriam: When DVDs become coasters

    All is ephemeral. From dust we came, to dust we return: it's true of people, nations, and optical media. This thread is for you to lament your tales of the tapes the VCR chewed up, the LPs that were scratched by the stylus, the comics that become water-logged, and the DVDs that decided to...
  11. Dai

    Anime diseases

    There are certain diseases that only seem to exist in anime and related media, so I thought it might be interesting to list them. Here's what I have so far: The Anime Cold Perhaps the best-known condition, the Anime Cold differs from the common cold in several distinct ways. This virus is...
  12. Dai

    Don't go to pieces! Land of the Lustrous simulwatch (completed)

    Hold onto your family jewels, because the next simulwatch will be: Land of the Lustrous This 12-episode TV series from 2017 adapts roughly the first five volumes of the manga Houseki no Kuni by Haruko Ichikawa. "No matter what the odds, life will find a way to continue, with young Phos and...
  13. Dai

    Anime Trivia

    Anime is a weird and wonderful industry. What are some of your favourite bits of anime trivia? I'll start off with a well-known one, but which never stops being strange. Back when they were released at Japanese cinemas in 1988, My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies were screened as a...
  14. Dai

    Godzilla vs Kong

    Godzilla vs Kong has been bouncing around the release schedule like crazy. First it was due to hit in March 2020, then November, then May 2021, and most recently it's been brought forward to this March. The first trailer finally hit today: It's interesting that Legendary's Monsterverse has...
  15. Dai

    Eat my shorts

    You know the feeling: sometimes you're just not in the mood for something full-length, and that's when you reach for your shorts (multiple puns intended, and also I'm so sorry). Anyway, it can be a disappointment when you start watching a new show only to find that the episodes are only three...
  16. Dai

    What was the first game you owned?

    For me it was Colin the Cleaner, a classic entry in the much-neglected museum tidying genre. It was a pack-in game with my Sinclair Spectrum +2. That was the one with a built-in tape deck (good idea), but no tape counter (bad idea). It was also the first game I completed. Since 8-bit games...
  17. Dai

    Sum up 2020 with one picture

    Choose or make one picture that sums up 2020, either the year in general or what it meant for you personally. No pictures of bodily waste, please; that would be Easy Mode.
  18. Dai

    Hidden gems of the 2010s

    The amount of anime legally available in English has gone through the roof over the last decade. It's hard enough just keeping pace with the current season a lot of the time, and it's all too easy for less popular shows to fall by the wayside. What are some of the shows from the last decade...
  19. Dai

    Super robots and spirituality

    When I first watched Ideon: Be Invoked, the movie conclusion to Space Runaway Ideon, I was stunned. I knew that the show--and especially the movie--had a reputation for being grim, but I was startled by both the matter-of-fact way it handled its violence and just how resonant Tomino managed to...
  20. Dai

    The parallel evolution of Japanese heroes

    Back in the 90s, when we had the first big wave of anime video releases, every new show or movie used to hit me like it came from outer space. I had no knowledge of the cultural context that had informed the stories and characters I was seeing, so it all seemed unique. Looking back now, I can...