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    New FOTNS Movie

    And it's got Raoh in it (possibly a remake?). Looks quality. Trailers at
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    Web links

    What happened to the web-links man? Am I just missing them or what?
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    Whats your favourite Final Fantasy?

    I would make this a poll but theres quite a few of them (what with FF tactics, X-2, that one on the gamecube etc) so there you go. My vote goes to FF7. The best story, the best characters and Sephiroth is one of the hardest baddies ever. I bought it on its release date and i still play it now
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    Just looking over on and in their coming soon section, they have listed Street Fighter Alpha Generations. Anyone know if this is the sequel? I enjoyed the first one (even if not many others did) so any info (or speculation) is welcome Akuma kicks ass
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    Hi There

    Not good at this sort of thing but here goes. Been into Anime for a long time now, but only just started dipping into manga. (got loads and loads of R2 dvds but only 4 mangas!) My favourite genres would be ultra violence (if that is a genre?) ie: FOTNS, Ninja Scroll (even Urotsukidoji if i'm...