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  1. J

    Anime UK News Profile Error

    Forgive me if there is an existing thread to post such errors but I can not find it, so I am starting this one. Whenever I click the "Anime UK News Profile" button I just get an error message that says "You must be logged on to access this page." I assumed it was just yesterday when I tried...
  2. J

    James' Drawings

    I think it's about time I spam the forum with my, not so good, drawings. :P Please feel free to post whatever you like, criticism is welcome. Oh and as my scanner refuses to work, I took photo's. So some of the images might be a bit blurry, I did try to best to get them not to be. I will...
  3. J

    James' Wallpapers

    Not made anything for ages.. But I felt like making these yesterday.. what do you think? Edit: Here are some links to the full versions of my wallpapers, they are all 1680x1050 resolution. Death Note - L - v1 Death Note - L - v2 Death Note - L - v3 Elfen Lied - Lucy - v1 Elfen...
  4. J

    Howdy ^_^

    Hello everyone! I've been a fan of Anime and Manga for about a few years now, and I thought it was about time I found some people to talk to about them as my friends have no interest at all.. I've usually got something totally random to say about everything and I'll talk to anyone...