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  1. Geriatric hedgehog

    Fate Series Thread - Discussion and Guide

    Nice one, I was thinking I need to check back in December for this. I decided I'll buy whichever release we get in the West for what little one more ping on their radar is worth. Sad that it will not be my preference for a physical release but ho hum my shelf space will thank me. Would be...
  2. Geriatric hedgehog

    Gacha Games Thread

    Yeah Genshin is the other one I had tried earlier this year and ran away from very quickly as it looked massive. Definitely wish I had the time for that one, especially how it is wonderfully cross-platform. But, it'll definitely stay at the back of my loooong list of games to catch up on.
  3. Geriatric hedgehog

    Gacha Games Thread

    Aaaah that is very interesting and good to know - definitely not like FGO then heh. Looks like '23 will be the year of Nier for me then! I refuse to get hooked on anymore gacha, only going to get into that as a Nier fan heh.
  4. Geriatric hedgehog

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    Super-excited about Liz & the Bluebird. Despite having the US import, it would definitely be one that I'd want a lovely AL CE of, especially with that lovely artwork from the Japanese CE. Can only hope we can get more Sound Euphonium as others have touched on. And on Yamada's works, if only AL...
  5. Geriatric hedgehog

    Gacha Games Thread

    Goodness, no way can I manage more than one game at a time! FGO is really easy to (and addictive) thanks to being on the phone, so I do worry about adding another one on the phone in Nier Incarnation into the mix! As I glance over to my still unplayed PS4 games collecting dust, not even starting...
  6. Geriatric hedgehog

    Gacha Games Thread

    I got quite lucky with my timings and finished Lostbelt 4 juuuust before Imaginary Scramble started so segued seamlessly into that, then Lostbelt 5 and now on to 5.5. The 1/4 AP period for storyline missions really helped I must say. Olympus was epic as promised but waiting for Lostbelt 6 after...
  7. Geriatric hedgehog

    Gacha Games Thread

    That's reassuring as I didn't find it anywhere near as easy or fun to get into as FGO. Just finishing Olympus in the latter so once caught up with the just released 5.5, I may try again with Nier.
  8. Geriatric hedgehog

    The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thread)

    But was foiled when they used some gold rings as bait in a loop-the-loop leading straight into a prison cell.
  9. Geriatric hedgehog

    UK Anime Distributor Crunchyroll/Funimation/Manga UK Discussion Thread

    Don't forget you'd be missing the excellent soundtrack, great animation/direction and arguably the best opening sequence in anime (in my humble opinion)!
  10. Geriatric hedgehog

    Fate Series Thread - Discussion and Guide

    Ah I see, I was clearly reading too much into it heh. I haven't read the book but I very much doubt the series is an adaptation. I just recall some mention of a yellow king (I think!) as a reference in the first season (it's an anthology mystery series). The first season is excellent and I...
  11. Geriatric hedgehog

    Fate Series Thread - Discussion and Guide

    Heheh okay good to know, I'll steer clear as I do want to avoid being put off regardless of how objectively I may try to approach it. Ah, is that the one used for season 1 of true detective? Interesting, may try that one next then. Yeah I thought that was fascinating and on my assumptions of...
  12. Geriatric hedgehog

    Fate Series Thread - Discussion and Guide

    Ah, that is interesting to know. Would probably be anathema to have another author carry on stories in the lore. I for one refused to read any of the dune books not written by Herbert sr (but the fact that jr's books aren't as well reviewed probably helped put me off heh). Great, now my morbid...
  13. Geriatric hedgehog

    NieR: Automata TV Animation Project

    Heh I played it in Japanese with subs - that was a first for me for video games. But I certainly felt I was missing some of the great effects whilst trying to keep up with the subbies, something @WMD had mentioned about the cons of watching anime subbed.
  14. Geriatric hedgehog

    Fate Series Thread - Discussion and Guide

    I'm not surprised at that heh but I am certainly enjoying how interesting they've made Gogh. They already had me at the whole class being linked to artists as heroic spirits. The Hokusai character in the Las Vegas event was a blast, so I hope I get a chance to do the event for the original at...
  15. Geriatric hedgehog

    Fate Series Thread - Discussion and Guide

    An FGO lore musing on the current Imaginary Scramble event. I'm finding it quite apt for the Halloween season given how blimming creepy I find the Foreigner class, especially in their fully ascended states. Goghie for me takes the crown from Abby in going from the...
  16. Geriatric hedgehog

    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    Ah, that's a top tip, thank you. I thought it cost more so didn't ever consider it in the past but now at that new £4 postage price it would certainly make more sense to sign up if I order from them again.
  17. Geriatric hedgehog

    The General Conversation Area

    I second that, but I didn't know about him taking a break from directing. He's certainly great at both directing and writing, so not a total loss. Plus I'm always one for people taking a break and creating fewer quality works than churning out just anything whilst the going is good. You just...
  18. Geriatric hedgehog

    What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

    That is brilliant heheh
  19. Geriatric hedgehog

    Custom Blu Ray Covers Guide and Discussion

    As it should be! Quality takes time and should never be rushed. I for one will definitely look forward to admiring your handiwork when ready. The consistency in the spines is good to see as well and sadly not a common sight heh.
  20. Geriatric hedgehog

    What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

    It was such a travesty it didn't get a cinema release. Also hoping we get some boxset or the other for Devs.