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    Billy may found dead,2933,529328,00.html I know he's not big in the UK but damn... ;_;
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    New Silent Hill Title for the Wii,PS2 and PSP! ... s2-and-psp No combat, you use a phone for the radio and depending on your action determines what monsters come for you (what colour of Pyramid head basically). Seriously i'm looking forward to this and all they need to do is the take the glasses of...
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    A next metal gear is.... It's probably something like 1 man 1 mission is on or some **** like that.
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    Just wait for this to come to the UK Next biggest thing since Harry Potter, points for who ever can watch the trailer and not laugh at the dialogue.
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    Otaku fury ... aku-storm/
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    Man petions to allow marriage 2d characters. ... 39,00.html Finally found a source not in Japanese, so who to marry in the glorious Nippon i wonder.
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    Slice of life without the school girls.

    Azumanga was funny it was good and holy **** has the Genre be well and truly milked to death, Slice of Life basically ends with, X school girl with X friend goes to X school and has a normal life. I always thought the Genre was meant for you to connect with the characters but unfortunately...
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    Metal Gear Solid 5 Maybe in production ... e_Way.html Give it a couple of days and kojima will say something on it.
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    China got of to a flying start ... wHf2AvAr7Q Well we can all see how this olympics is gonna end.
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    Ever thought i wanna read the bible but it looks boring ... 04_05.html It's bible done with MOTHER ******* lego bricks the site looks old so i'm probaly slow but go wild and learn.
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    Another stabbing spree in japan ... AD9277SH80 I thought britan had it bad
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    Ps3 won't read disks

    For some reason no matter what games i put in the Ps3 won't read the disk anyone got any idea what could be wrong.
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    Emo's to be illegal in russia ... 470943.ece (It was either the sun or NME) Gotta love russia now to convince britan
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    Stop saying chav says these people! Lol i know this is ******** but i don't think your going to get people to stop saying it anytime soon(ps. voiceless my **** they raise there voices when the gyro is in threatened.)
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    E3 live stream here(incase you didnt know) ... lk=topslot Little late but go wild. Nintendos confrence starts in 30 minutes Sony starts 1t 7:30(i'm curious to see what they do now)
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    Final fantasy 13..on the xbox360

    Oh god damn it square why.. Proof E3 just showed a trailer and announced it was multi platform.
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    I cried like a little girl :cry:
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    Moon is mistaken for a UFO ... r-UFO.html HAHA OH WOW
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    Google ordered to hand over all user data for youtube ... Well i'm screwed.
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    Chrono trigger port for the DS!(confirmed) Or a new chrono trigger game either way **** yer!