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    The New Season

    With the new anime season now well and truly underway, it's time to ask what fansubbed series you're keeping track of, what to see and what to avoid. I'll start; Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Mecha/Comedy My highlight of the season so far, Gurren Lagann is madcap mecha action brought to you by...
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    Co-op games

    Hey guys, I wanna probe yer brains for a bit. Me and me housemates would like a game that can be played co-operatively with four people. Doesn't really matter the kind of game or the format (between us we've got two of everything), but it'd be great if you could system link Xboxes or Thrixties...
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    The E3 Thread

    With E3 now in full swing, it´s time to ask what everyone thinks are the highlights so far. A few of mine: Final Fantasy VI for GBA Guitar Hero 2 announced Metal Gear Solid 4 Unreal Tournament 2007 About half of the entire Nintendo stand Sony´s revolutionary new PS3 controller...
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    Super Hyper Ghibli Fighter XX2 Ultimate: Turbo Edition No, it's not a real game, and never will be. But if it was, I'd import it in an instant. :) Who'd you pick?
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    The Wallpaper Appreciation Thread

    So ya wanna make wallpapers? Need some inspiration or ideas? Want feedback on something you've been working on? Or do ya got a request? This is the place for it. Share your works, comment on others, point out some helpful tutorials or galleries you like. They don't even have to be anime, the aim...