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    Pope suddenly supports gays and their right to marriage!!? ... recentnews I just seen CitizenGeek post this on facebook... Is this a piss take!? I feel like it's april fools or something?
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    Why does sony hate it's customers?

    So I finally got around to upgrading the hard drive on my ps3. One problem, I can't remember the password to my psn account and the e-mail address is wrong, it's registered with .com instead of The one and only way around this? Name 5 of your psn friends. I don't even think I have 5 psn...
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    Anime about Anime. Let us list them.

    Just started watching Oreimo. An anime series about a guy finding out his little sister is into magical girl anime and incestuous pornographic anime games. I'm 5 episodes in and I'm hooked. It got me thinking about the recent trend of slice of life anime about otaku. Shall we list them?
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    A or B?

    Click the link below for the question. Warning: Image is of a VERY adult nature, Do not click if you are under 18, easily offended or not prepared to be completely mind f*cked. P.S. i don't know why the question...
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    Happy Birthday TACHI and RYO-CHAN!!

    Both of their birthdays are this sunday so... ^_^
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    Whats the big deal bitch?

    Right im not gonna go into a whole big gay rights thing here but since reading that taxes ban on gay marriage yesterday something keeps going over in my head. Marriage is as far as i understand it, a contract under god and government binding 2 people together. A Civil Partnership is a...
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    Texas bans Marriage!

    In an attempt to ban gay marriage, texas has banned ALL marriage. In the constitutional amendment they state: Whats identical to marriage? MARRIAGE! source: ... 0676.shtml
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    Human Experimentation. Lets chat about it ^_^

    Ok changed my mind about this topic. The Klingon kid is boring now... lets talk about sick human experiments. YAY :twisted: some of the thing the japanese did during WW2:
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    Full Fat and Bad for You...

    Yank those udders! Who's milked it the most!? My Vote: Dragonball Z First release - VHS: cut, dub only Second Release - DVD: cut, dub only Third Release - DVD: same as above but packaged in mini-season box-sets Fourth Release - DVD: im not sure Fifth Release -...
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    Ever been attracted to someone you know you really shouldnt be? Even though you know its a bad idea you cant help flirting with them and thinking about... stuff. Yeah sooo... well... have you?
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    Mens Clubs... How gay is that?

    A golf club/mens club just won the right here in ireland to keep its status as a mens only club in the supreme court. Now this i take it is supposed to be a manly hetero thing... but really how gay is that? I mean are they are jerking eachother off or something? Why don't they want...
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    Anime for my niece?

    Afew weeks ago i was watching grave of the fireflies with my family, my mum, step-dad, my sister and my niece, Jasmine. She seemed to really enjoy it, she sat quietly through the whole thing only asking "wheres there mommy?" and "whats wrong with that little girl". AWKWARD lol Well it got me...
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    Astro Boy: The Movie

    What a piece of ****. Discuss.
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    I can think of afew peeps on here who can match these descriptions, can you match them? lol ...heres the quiz Taken from
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    Great Movie That SUCK!!

    This is a topic for discussing all the greats... that you know suck some serious balls!! Ima start... Near Dark: This is in every1s top 10 vampire movies you must watch... so i watched... and it sucked HARD. I cannot think of one single redemming quality about this movie. The acting is...
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    Paranormal Activity

    Any1 seen this? I watched it the other night a 3am, in the dark, on my own. HOLY **** BALLS! scared the crap outa me! and i NEVER EVER get scared at movies... Very good movie.
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    Tekken 6

    Is out tomorrow! The anticipation... dear god... the moisture... has reached my ankles.
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    Animal abuse. Why oh why... i ******* watch videos of it!!?! I always end up sitting alone in my living room, infront of my laptop, in the dark at 3am crying like a ******* bitch asking a god i don't believe in why this **** happens and can he please stop it... please? poor little kitty... why he get set on...
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    Wierdest Animal Sex

    Taken from ------------------------- The Cichlid Fish: These have to be the frat boy heroes of the animal kingdom, with a mating ritual seemingly designed purely to get high fives from its bros. After laying her eggs, the female cichlid picks them up and carries them...
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    Review of "Windows 7"

    This is the funniest article i've read in... a long time! ... to-murder/ Look carefully at the pictures that go along with the article, i'm still laughing.