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  1. Denny Fisher

    Anime For Sale / Anime Looking For List

    Cash or Paypal Can post but additional costs apply BLU RAYS REGION B UNLESS STATED The Heroic Legend of Arslan £30 One Piece Gold (Aus) £8 Welcome to the Ballroom £30 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou £30 region A only (sub only) DVDS Burst Angel £15 £15 Canaan £9 Casshern Sins £8 The Castle of...
  2. Denny Fisher

    Funimation titles

    Funimation Titles, Feel free to contact me if there's any titles your looking for and I'll find out if I can source them. Orders will usually be made once a month. Also now and again I'll list titles from sentai, Viz media and will be limited to stock.
  3. Denny Fisher

    Overseas UK Blu-Ray List / Australian Blu-ray List / USA Region B and Geolocked List

    Please note that if there is a complete series release the part sets will be removed. If I've missed any please let me know
  4. Denny Fisher

    Anime retailers No Import Fees List

    If you know of any anime companies that do not charge import fees, let me know. Any listed here where you have experienced a charge in import fees let me know. Thanks Amazon Seller Allyourmusic Import CDs (plus vat (plus vat DeepDiscount (plus vat United...