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    The PC Q & A Thread (for questions that do not need a thread)

    For more the more technically minded on here That is a DC assasin III "persuaded" to fit in a phantom 410 case, i think I've just run out of room height wise... What do you think? Time for something bigger (the case) or low clearance RAM?
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    The Cap’n sets sale! The Cap’n’s sales thread

    Hello, you wonderful people! Hopefully these prices aren’t too random, so without further ado, here’s the sales for some anime, manga, and some pc parts too! Anime (all Blu-ray) Black Butler Book of Circus CE £15 Noien CE £12 Perfect Blue SE £5 Eden of the East CE £15 Tokyo Marble Chocolate CE...
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    Happy Sugar Life episode 7

    wowee what a mess the characters have been in this series, I think that's turned some people off by now but it's that much more rewarding to the people who've stuck with it. this one's a bit of a head scratcher with the Main Event of the episode; the apartment. if you've seen it, the rest of the...
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    Crunchyroll Originals

    well, they are also "partnering" with someone creating a sort of Little Witch Academia thing that no one asked for. this new show I'm feeling won't do well, only thing that has come out is their "diverse" staff, mostly women, with a writer's room that's all women, I'm not going political but I...
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    Article 13: the copyright strikes back!

    Article 13 will give copyright holders the right to zap down anything shared on the internet. It passes tommorrow, if things really are that grim, then memes, links videos and other things can not be shared without express permission from the copyright holder, it will limit virtually everything...
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    Tin Foil Haberdashery!

    the Tin Foil Haberdashery is for those things that might be a good idea, may work out but aren't entirely likely to see the light of day. they are my thoughts on whether something could or should happen, and may contain spoilers for a series and I appreciate a discussion on the subjects brought...
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    how much is a manga collection worth?

    just a query. and I'm not talking about long running series like beserk or AoT, I'm more specifically talking about OOP titles. I have the full 27 volumes of excel saga, and individual volumes are hard enough to find, with some that are actually OOP or impossible to get. what could that fetch?