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  1. butch-cassidy

    Selling on a lot of stuff

    Hi guys, selling a lot of stuff on. Trying to be resonable on prices based on what I paid for them. All prices include postage and if your interested in multiple items I'll discount. I have pictures of almost everything, so let me know if you want to see any items picture. Payment by paypal...
  2. butch-cassidy

    New Manga licences announced

    More Hetalia and Clannad announced for UK release. Full details on UK Anime Nice to see Clannad and After Story making its way to the UK as expected as the lack of Blu Ray is...
  3. butch-cassidy


    Oh wow. Looks like Playusa have closed their doors again without warning or notice. Pity, I even had some pre-orders with them. -_-
  4. butch-cassidy

    Send it - Freedom order

    Hi guys, I pre-ordered my set of Freedom via and it has yet to ship, stuck in 'awaiting stock pick'. Anyone else who ordered it from them get it yet? Anybody else in generally been getting it? Just curious if its just me. ^^
  5. butch-cassidy

    Major Anime / Manga sell off

    Hi guys, Just to let you know I'm doing a major sale on anime and manga on ebay. I'd appreciate if you took a look if your looking to expand your collections :) ... 513&_pgn=1
  6. butch-cassidy

    Looking for Your under arrest...

    ... at a sane price. I know its a long shot, but let me know if you have a set kicking around you're willing to let go for a sane price. Thanks!
  7. butch-cassidy

    anime on line

    Anybody have any word on what's happening over at Anime On Line? Been down since Thursday evening...
  8. butch-cassidy

    Blu Ray region question

    Hi guys, I've hit a bit of a confusing situation and hope some of you might be able to help me. I've been looking at expanding my blu ray collection and came across some nice Madmen releases. When I was checking if they were region locked I discovered they are marked as region B, which means...
  9. butch-cassidy

    Limited edition Tenchi Coins

    Hi guys, doing one for a friend here. She has two limited edition collectors coins celebrating the 10th anniversary of Tench Muyo. They're solid coins, I believe made with some form of fake gold. They have plastic covers (inside in the photos) but can be easily removed from these. Each are...
  10. butch-cassidy

    Second Spin credit card issues...

    Has anyone else had credit card issues with using their credit card on SecondSpin? I have been trying to use my VISA but it keeps rejecting my address. I have contacted their C/S but they just say my bank is saying the address is wrong, I contact my bank and they say it's right. Anyone else...
  11. butch-cassidy

    Right Stuf Import tax

    Has anyone who has ordered before been hit for import tax on their stuff? I don't want to make a large order and then be hit with a massive bill from the Royal Mail. Thanks!
  12. butch-cassidy

    Gundam Wing Anime Legends Remastered?

    Just a wee question, not sure if anyone even knows yet! The new anime legends of Gundam Wing, are they going to be the standard editions or the remastered editions? Anyone know?
  13. butch-cassidy

    German Pocky hits the uk?

    Went into Tesco today and found this. From what I'm told it is the German version of Pocky officially released by Glico. Did I miss something or did the UK just get Pocky? :eek:
  14. butch-cassidy

    Butch Cassidy's MEGA cleanout sale!

    Hi guys! I am clearing out a lot of my Anime and Manga (to make room for more of course! :P) and thought I would give you guys first dibs. Drop us a PM if you want anything. Postage already included in all prices! :D ANIME FULL SERIES – REGION 1 Desert Punk - 6 discs - 24eps - £25...
  15. butch-cassidy

    Butch Cassidy's Major clearout sale.

    Well I just moved house and found I didn't have as much space as I had hoped so I need to clear out some stuff. You guys gets first dibs before I head to ebay ^^ All items are in good condition unless otherwise stated. Manga is in Superb condition unless otherwise stated. Items marked in Blue...
  16. butch-cassidy

    Dattebayo's bad attempt at humour.

    [Confirmed untrue] If true this is unbelievable... Refer to Dattebayo for details.
  17. butch-cassidy

    Astro Empires opening new game server!

    Yes the online game I love so very very much is opening its third server on Sunday (20th) and I want to invite you all to come and play! It’s a Real Time game of space strategy. Building bases, fighting intergalactic wars and taking part in incredible battles for domination! Currently on...
  18. butch-cassidy

    Deathnote, how does the movie compare?

    I really didn't know where to put this as it relates to an Anime, Manga and Movie so I put it where it would get most attention ^^ I have been watching the Anime and reading the Manga of Deathnote and was wondering how it compared to the live action films? Is the story pretty much the same or...
  19. butch-cassidy

    New Paprika date released

    According to play Paprika will be out ion September 3rd, ... ource=9316
  20. butch-cassidy

    Life on Mars is an anime?

    Well Play seem to think its a good enough anime to be there editors choice :P A bit random but thought I would share as it gave me a laugh.