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    UK Anime Distributor Politics and the UK Anime Industry

    Brexits not gonna cause collapse on 31st October it will be In November, December I do feel the it’s gonna change everything straight away mentality the media is wrong it’s gonna be in the longer term the weeks the months. There’s a reason Boris wants an election 1st Nov because we won’t have...
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    Selling Stuff I have no plans to watch

    Selling: (Blu-Ray) including UK P&P Attack on Titan S1 SE Blu ray A LOCKED -£ 15 Sailor Moon S1 & R AUS £40 Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1 LE AUS £15 Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 US LE - £80 Noragami (ALs S2 CE and mangas S1) - £20 RESERVED ALs Kill la Kill CEs With box but defective part 3 - £80...
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    Social Issues in Japan

    The whole TVs comment is my kinda problem with Japan, technologically they are advanced yet socially not. I would love to visit one day but I can’t abandon my principles and visit while it’s so homophobic and sexist. And yes I am quite interested in the eras of samurai etc.
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    Funiroll Crumbles: Crunchyroll and Funimation End Partnership After Two Years

    Funimation and Crunchyroll are both returning to offering both dubs and subs, but lots of titles are set to be shuffled in the process. Continue reading...
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    Emma (English dub) previews and discussion

    Yay they failed... ITS STILL SO F ING STEROTYPICAL
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    The gap between UK & The World for theatrical releases such as Code Geass Discussion

    I always took sword the stranger as an exception due to it getting prior release mybe I was wrong. But I know they have said new films will always get a standard why a film they didn’t put in cinemas would be the exception it makes no sense especially as it’s got **** reviews why would most...
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    Banana Fish Episode 3

    Yeah I knew I would like this show but its blowing me away its just so good and I hope someone licenses it. And Eiji x Ash forever
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    Banana Fish Episode 2

    Pretty good, I like the corruption didn’t expect that death and animation still good. I do hope it gets a dub one day would work very very well
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    items for sale

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    The doctors UBW Sale

    I have the Fate Stay Night UBW Part 2 to sell for £90. This is the AoA Set. Will accept offers I dont expect anyone to have it but I am looking for the Aincrad Arc of SAO AoA sets so set 1&2 (LEs)
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    Funimation Now

    I created this as there isnt really a place to talk about FUNiNow as I wanted to point out he UK site is currently down. ... 6109528064
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    Everybody Loves Jerome

    He is at it again he is now moaning about AoT OVAs coming with the manga... are they in shops are they NTSC are they BBFC etc etc. Im guess someone is Salty ... 4744463360
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    Dub quality discussion (contains Free!)

    Winter 2016 Legal Anime Streaming Thread I already think broadcast dubs are a crap idea, dubs should take time to write the script and record it. Rushing the process isn't that good of an idea
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    How expensive is Gundam Unicorn?

    I have started gundam and watching the UC timeline, and I love it I was wondering how much All 7 episodes of Unicorn cost as I really want to own it. As it looks amazing and the story sounds amazing.
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    Is Digimon Tri a film series or a show?

    With how CR are releasing Digimon Tri as 4 separate episodes (with OPs and EDS), and Japan releasing it as films i no longer know if it is a show or a film series.
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    What do you think of my posting?

    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread) Yeah they have as I was accused of shutting on good news and a big show by saying I don't like it l