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  1. Zin5ki

    Something to muse over.

    I recently came across the following ethical puzzle: The Railway cart. A runaway cart is about to kill five workers on the track. You notice that you can pull a switch, thereby sending the trolley down a seperate line where there is only one worker who would be killed. The Fat Man. A fat...
  2. Zin5ki

    Berserk rumour

    People might have seen this already, but I might as well chime in with these tantalising shots. I expect this'll be to the interest of quite a few people.
  3. Zin5ki

    Live-action Akira project goes the way of Jacob Marley

    It's "as dead as a doornail". To avoid the risk of coming across as being biased, I shall refrain from describing my current mood.
  4. Zin5ki

    Customs-friendly places

    Old forum threads and the occasional rumour lead me to believe that some R1 online retailers used to perform several tricks to help their customers' orders pass through customs without incurring charges. I know that Yesasia overtly claim to pay any such fees, but from peoples' experiences are...
  5. Zin5ki

    TAF! TAF!

    Footage from this year's Tokyo Anime Fair is surely a sight to behold for all otaku. It's too early for me to judge these new offerings from the assorted studios involved, but there's FMA and Dragonball info for those interested.
  6. Zin5ki

    Anime Rough Guide to be released

    ANN report that a 'Rough Guide to Anime' will be released this June. Having been irked somewhat when reading the 500 Essential Anime Movies, I cannot say I have high hopes for this. I'm sure others will be interested though.
  7. Zin5ki

    Hello to people.

    Greetings to all. I've been an anime fan for a year and a half or so. I'm quite active on ANN's forum, but thought a more local environment might do me some good as well. I myself am quite a happy chap. Even though my favourite food is bread, I try to be interesting from time to time.