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  1. HellCat

    Sunrise acknowledges COVID-19 with a global Gundam message of thanks

    Feels relevant here given the pandemic has affected releases- Sunrise put out a video acknowledging COVID-19 and thanking workers around the world.
  2. HellCat

    Seven Deadly Sins contest at Toonzone

    Thanks to Bandai Namco, over at Toonzone we have a Meliodas figurine to give away from the new Seven Deadly Sins game. Please note the contest is UK only so folks around here have a good chance of winning.
  3. HellCat

    Japan not best pleased by Brexit

    Subscribe to read Given the main theme of the forum figured this was worth sharing. Japan really doesn't seem impressed by Brexit, having already issued a letter addressed to every British citizen to strongly consider if it's a wise decision and joining others in making plans to move European...
  4. HellCat

    Bad luck with customs- just me?

    Seems since New Years any foreign parcel of mine (primarily from Japan) has been hit by customs. Used to be the odd one but now it's every time. Anyone else experiencing this or is it just my bad luck?
  5. HellCat

    P-Bandai survey on international sales

    P-Bandai are running a survey asking about interest to sell their goods directly in certain countries. UK is included Questionnaire for overseas users概要|プレミアムバンダイ|こどもから大人まで楽しめるバンダイ公式ショッピングサイト Help this fanboy get Gunpla exclusives here...oh and toys and apparel from other franchises, I guess...
  6. HellCat

    Pick a Love Live rep for the UK!

    Bandai/Sunrise are doing a promotion where each of the members of Aquors will be drawn as a cultural ambassador for one of nine territories. This includes the UK! Lovelive! Sunshine!! Official Worldwide Website I voted for Yoshiko, though You would be my second choice.
  7. HellCat

    CEX suck

    So earlier this year I signed up at the local branch of CEX in order to easily sell off some DVDs, Blu-rays and games for extra cash. They mostly have good prices but good word is it an ordeal. I've just visited there today, primarily to sell some old beez titles that have been replaced by...
  8. HellCat

    Team Four Star- Would you like to see them at a UK con?

    There was some brief banter about this on Twitter so I thought I'd start a thread as TFS themselves actually seem keen about the idea. I assume currently the best bet would be VidFest UK at MCM London, but of course not everyone can reach there nor are MCM the only game in town for anime...
  9. HellCat

    London Comic Con May 2014

    Didn't see a thread for this so hope no one minds me starting one. Occuring at the end of this week. Anyone else going? I should be there on official doody the Sunday, though I'm actually looking into seeing if I can pull off some cosplay this time.
  10. HellCat

    toonzone meets Wit Studio at London Comic Con

    If this is considered to be the wrong forum or just falls foul in general, please feel free to move/delete this thread. Last Saturday I got the chance to speak to three key staff of Wit Studio on behalf of TZ- ... it-studio/ I was also present for their...
  11. HellCat

    Question on Ghost in the Shell 2 Blu-ray

    An American friend is trying to confirm something about the Blu-ray that got released over here. Can anyone help? Thanks :)
  12. HellCat

    toonzone reports on Mark Meer Q&A at London Comic Con

    Similar to our Watanabe coverage earlier this week our coverage of Mark Meer's appearance on Sunday is now up. Including a video of the 'audience suggest lines' segment that ended the panel! 8) ... el-sbarge/ *wonders if anyone will remember him from...
  13. HellCat

    toonzone reports on Watanabe Q&A at London Comic Con

    If you couldn't make it to the capital this past weekend, don't fret! toonzone have a full write up of the Shinichiro Watanabe Q&A that was held on Saturday afternoon- ... -watanabe/ That man gives good advice.
  14. HellCat

    Annual conventions in southern England?

    I've been attending MCM London for the last 2-3 years. It's fun and all but I feel myself wanting to try other venues and see what they have to offer. Problem is, numpty me doesn't know where to start. Can anybody help by listing the annual conventions that occur in this end of the country?
  15. HellCat

    Gundam event at a UK convention- Possible?

    The last few years, Sunrise has organised a number of high profile Gundam panels at US conventions. These include a screening of the 00 movie and members of the Unicorn production. I've been talking to some other UK fans and I have to wonder- could we ever see something official like this for...
  16. HellCat

    Question on Gundam Complete Collections

    I'm finally looking into replacing my collection of space hogging single volumes of Gundam with the various collected sets. Whilst most series have been released in America, Beez has put out some competatively priced UK ones. I have a few questions: 1. How slim are the UK sets? I saw them...