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  1. Scrambled Valkyrie

    DVDs, Blu rays, games and figures for sale UPDATED (Prices lowered and discs added 3/8/2021)

    Hi everyone. Selling a few DVDs (and a small number of blu rays), also a few anime related action figures. Everything is in mint condition except for one DVD set (Trigun) - details below. All figures are complete with instructions, all accessories and display stands etc. Many of these figures...
  2. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Hyper Japan Christmas Nov 24-27

    Hyper Japan Christmas at London Tobacco Dock 24-26 Nov 2017 Anyone going to this? 3 days of Japanese culture including cooking demonstrations, martial arts display, Japanese bands playing gigs, Rakugo performance, cosplay and much more! I'm there on the Sunday. Quite looking forward to it.
  3. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Anime Attacks! Gateshead Library Newcastle 21st Oct

    Hi guys. I'm in Newcastle and there's a mini convention called "Anime Attacks" on at Gateshead library on 21st October. There's dealer tables, UK artists, Taiko drumming and an appearance from Jessica Calevello (a dub actor from Attack On Titan apparrently- I'm not a dub guy so I hadn't heard of...
  4. Scrambled Valkyrie

    My humble blog about old anime/manga: Animehead's retroworld

    Hi guys. In January this year I started a blog called "Animehead's retroworld" My aim is to post semi-regular articles about old anime and manga that people may not know about and cover a vast array of different topics. So far I have a mixed bag of stuff like personal articles about making...
  5. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Anyone collect anime soundtracks on vinyl?

    Earlier this year I started to collect a new type of anime merch: Vinyl soundtracks. I have a decent amount of soundtrack CDs but the reason I initially started with vinyl was because with the recent vinyl explosion a lot of companies have taken to re-releasing classic movie soundtracks on vinyl...
  6. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Anime DVDs (and a few Blu) for sale

    Hey guys. Selling the following items but I will also consider trade if it's something I'm interested in that I don't have. Everything listed here is in really good if not near mint condition. Ask if you'd like me to post or PM any photos. Prices include postage. DVD:- Cowboy Bebop (Remastered...
  7. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Hello (waves)

    Hello everyone. I've been looking to join an anime/manga forum for a while and since I'm in the UK this seemed like the one! A bit about me: I'm 37, I work in a pretty dull office job (Looking to change that in the near future). I've loved anime, manga and Japanese cinema since I was 13 (way...