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  1. ayase

    Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

    Since the first two-in-one volume is now available in English courtesy of Seven Seas (which appear to correspond to the Japanese re-release of 10 volumes rather than the original release of 14, meaning there will likely be 5 English volumes in total) now seems as good a time as any to talk about...
  2. ayase

    The Equivalent Exchange Trading Thread

    The law of the Equivalent Exchange Thread is: In order to obtain something, something of equal value must be lost (since we aren't in the business of creating or destroying anime). What is this thread? This is a trading thread to list anime (or manga) which you no longer want but would happily...
  3. ayase

    Unwieldy anime titles and the term 'another world'

    Can someone who knows Japanese please send Japan a polite letter telling them to stop including “another world” in the title of every other piece of media they release, or maybe at least consult a thesaurus from time to time if they’re going to be so unoriginal in their titling.
  4. ayase

    The Promised Neverland - Episode 3

    And so it begins in earnest. Less to say about this episode review wise, it was perfectly adequate, but it has raised a lot of questions. Why would it be of consequence Ray pointing out that RFID technology didn't exist in 2015, when the show is set in 2045? I guess the audience in 2019 are...
  5. ayase

    The Promised Neverland - Episode 2

    Thought I'd start us off, this is the way this works, right? Much preferred this episode to the first one. @NoSurprises was probably correct that the first episode was more of a hook that worked for some, not so well for others, but the second did slow things down to give us more insight into...
  6. ayase

    Westernised translations in anime

    This always annoys me whenever it crops up in translations. When a show is obviously set in Japan and clearly they are not using dollars, the currency they're using should never be referred to as dollars. I imagine the argument is "People watching might not understand the exchange rate" but...
  7. ayase

    French Anime Releases - English Subs, Rarities?

    So I'm heading back to the UK from France in a couple of days time, and in my last days here I'll have access to a large FNAC (if anyone remembers the big old Borders stores in the UK with books, music and DVDs it's a lot like that) and noticed they have a pretty massive anime section, at least...
  8. ayase

    It's not the end of the world...

    But you can see it from here. Fascinating stuff, which no doubt some people will love and some will find horrifying. Which is, of course, why I posted it.
  9. ayase

    ilmaestro and ayase discuss sour grapes

    Do I mention the tracing? No, I'd better not. Whoops, I posted that out loud.
  10. ayase

    Let's talk about Slayers

    Here's a bit of an obscure and technical question for you AUKN. But we do like our technical info here judging by all the lists and the pedantry so perhaps you can help. The character battle and recent Slayers discussion prompted me to dig my OVA and movie DVDs out and give them a rewatch (R1...
  11. ayase

    The Gundam Thread

    The Resurrected Mobile Suit Gundam Thread In light of the recent interest in the Gundam Unicorn watch-along thread and after consultation with its OP HdE, I've decided to bring back a "free" thread for talk about any and all things Gundam. It's a popular franchise which definitely has its...
  12. ayase

    Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof Copies For Sale

    Hey everybody, I have for sale three copies of the now out of print Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof OVA These are the ADV UK release - Region 2 NTSC discs in overstock condition (discs and inserts good as new, light shelf-wear to cases). Before I stick 'em up for sale on Amazon or eBay I wanted to...
  13. ayase

    A discussion of idealised physical perfection and its impact

    Heh, you do have a tendancy to do this vash. You bring up interesting talking points but they tend to veer off from the topic at hand - I don't know if this is worth splitting out so it can be discussed further without derailing the topic? Personally, I feel that if the majority of people are...
  14. ayase

    Alan Moore on V for Vendetta and the rise of Anonymous Thought this might be of interest, what with the SOPA / PIPA /ACTA talk that's been going on and the fact that we're probably more likely than a lot of places to have anons in our midst. I always liked Alan Moore.
  15. ayase

    Fuuka Me!

    I don't often buy figures as I see so few I actually like, but now I've found one I do like of Yotsuba's Fuuka Ayase (no relation) and it comes in three different flavours... Help me pick, AUKN! We have Fuuka in her school uniform, a choice of two t-shirts or a swimsuit. In the interests...
  16. ayase

    Black Lagoon Singles NOW SOLD + ayase's eBay auctions

    Well, here's a first. Yes, I'm selling something! I have come into possession of a second set of the now out of print R2 UK releases of Black Lagoon from MVM. NOW SOLD ---------- My eBay Auctions: None at Present.
  17. ayase

    DVDs are about to get more expensive...

    With a lot of us being online DVD buyers, I thought this might make for interesting (if infuriating) reading: So that's HMV online and Amazon's Indigo Starfish that I know of. There are probably several more that will suffer. "Here's an idea...
  18. ayase

    Ridley Scott to direct new Blade Runner film It's a popular film and I know it has it's fans and critics here so, thoughts? Quite how anyone (let alone Scott himself) thinks a new Blade Runner can live up to the original is beyond me. Shades of Indiana Jones, but worse as it's not...
  19. ayase

    Reinstate David Bateson as Agent 47 I'm not sure how many Hitman fans there are around these parts, but it has become apparent over the past few days that David Bateson, voice of Agent 47 in the Hitman series, has been dropped from the role in the upcoming Hitman: Absolution...
  20. ayase


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