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    Fight my brute (cool little webgame)

    Fight me brute see if you can beat him and please become my pupil. A cool little web game, no reg required. Just a bit of fun :)
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    New Red Dwarf

    so what did everyone think of the new Special of red dwarf?
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    Funny amvs

    Hi ppl i need cheering up so please post all the funny amvs you can find. heres a few i know of. this is the funnyest amv ever i remember when i first watched it i was in fits for days. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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    Me Back :)

    Hi ive not really been active on these forums for a few years but im getting back into anime these days so thought i would start posting around here again. so hi all
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    New titles on their way from ADV

    The 16th of October sees three new titles hitting our stores, including the highly rated release of The Place Promised In Our Early Days. More details on these releases can be found below. The Place Promised In Our Early Days - 16/10/2006Samurai Gun: Vol.1 - 16/10/2006Yugo The Negotiator -...
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    nerv forums

    Hi im just join a nice forum and i though i would let everyone else know about it. its called nerv and it has lots of great people. when we went to the expo we had a room next to the people from nerv and they where lots of fun.
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    your thoughs on how much the UK gets

    do you think the UK gets to much, to less or just thr right amount. do you fell that why there is alot coming out its all the same type of thing and there needs to be a bigger selection of different types of shows. if so post about your thoughs here and vote if you want if not just put the this...
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    What cons are you going to this year. 2006

    Like it says in the title. What cons are you planing to go to this year and why? this year i will only be able to make it to the two MCM expos that are heard in london as i dont have the cash to go to anymore. the reason im going to this one is as its only 30 mintes away from me and i want...
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    Planetes, what do you think?

    what do you think of the seire Planetes? ive seen up to vol 4 and im really likeing it. im not sure why i like it so much as most of it seems to be about everyday life problems , but that could be the main reason i like it. ive not seen any other anime like this one, which i think is a reason...
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    Anime London

    On the front page of the MCM expo wesite there is a abit at the button of the page that has the dates of the upcoming events. there is a event called Anime london and it is in july at some point. dose anyone know more about this as i cant find any information about it. Edit: looking at it now...
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    sell or trade topic?

    as there seem to be alot of ppl on the forums now that have dvds to trade or sell i was wondering if paul was thing of haveing i topic for it ?
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    London meet up: List of Attendance

    Ok, this theard is to get a count and find out who and if people want to go to the meet up after xmas, also to find out what you plan to do. Name (guess what's meant to go here) up for a drink (are you up for a drink in little later in the day this is only for people over 18 as its hard to...
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    cant remember the name of the game.

    OK can anyone help me i got this game on PS a few years ago and a very liked it. it was a RPG for the ps, you had to go around to these things called life trees (or something like that) and see why they where dieing. in the game you start in a village by the see which has one of these life trees...
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    MCM expo may 2006

    so whos planing to go this may. im plan yto go to both days again and i cant wait to meet as many ppl as possbale from here from last time and new ppl.
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    links section

    hi i was wondering if you plan to bring back the link section of the site that used to be part of it. i found it very useful and a nice extra for the site.
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    what online games have you beta tested for?

    what the name says. list what online games you have beta tested for and what you though of them.
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    more beta games

    here is a list o more open beta games for ppl to maybe try if they still not found anything they would like to try theres alot there and ive not got round to trying them myself yet so let me know what you think of them.
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    Second Life (online)

    Second Life is a one of a kind game which gives its player 100 %control of the game and the world in which it is set. from being able to build anything. eg. your dream house a space port in the sky a midevil castle or a dujo ect ect or being and looking like what ever you want to...
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    RF online

    tho this games not out yet and the beta is only just began signing people up i saw some previews for the same at MCM expo 2 weeks ago and it looks great (and its a beta so its free :)). i sent off my request yesterday and i really hope i get in on the beta. here is the website if anyone...
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    EXPO pictures theard

    As it was such a great weekend i want to see peoples picture so ive made a theard for just that purpose. post all your picture from the MCM expo this weekend we all want to see them :) i will be posting some pictures tonight.