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  1. Eternal chibi

    The General Conversation Area

    I was thinking about Jersey on Friday, I was curious what it is like I imagine, that you just chill there, and enjoy a british lifestyle except it has much better weather. That sounds quite appealing It is on my list for sure. But I think Ireland has to be next, before that
  2. Eternal chibi

    The Visual Novel Thread

    your best bet is to use filters on vndb I looked at this one, no plans for switch in english right now I'm afraid. It is on PC in English. noooooo your last reward you should watch end on yt and then play the third one
  3. Eternal chibi

    Combining hobbies, LEGO and Anime/Manga.

    Very cool, and nice photography as well
  4. Eternal chibi

    Rate the Last Film You Watched

    I must have watched this 13-14 years ago and that "**** youuuuuu!" still lives in my head I watched Princess Mononoke at the insistence of a friend. By chance I had been wanting to re-watch it anyway because I didn't remember it. Taking it a little weirder than before, a bit more adult, very...
  5. Eternal chibi

    The General Conversation Area

    They can be all sorts of sizes. Display cases can often cause the problem they're supposed to be solving. I simply store them normally, just don't overpack them so they have space to breathe and it will be fine. The box it comes in is serving the purpose of protection. A slightly crushed corner...
  6. Eternal chibi

    Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Watched Mothra vs. Godzilla. Yeah that was quite good wasn't it? Lots of questions raised, war, gender, why are these special effects so good, and what the hell is happening? Very easy to watch and has aged quite well.
  7. Eternal chibi

    Post your Monthly Manga Haul

    Oshimi is often compared to Inio Asano because they're two mangaka who aren't afraid to explore darker themes, and not in a grimdark way like a fantasy/action/sci-fi, but in a realistic slice of life (that's gone wrong) way. I can't think of many mangaka that do it as effectively as they do.
  8. Eternal chibi

    What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

    I enjoyed this thanks for sharing. Sounds like it could be in an anime as well. I'm listening to my favourite
  9. Eternal chibi

    Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

    It is really influential. Works like Aria, Lain, Mushishi, many other series that explore AI, they owe a lot to this series. I am glad it is finally getting an English release. It is interesting to see how the commercial world of anime and manga relates to the critical world. This is a series...
  10. Eternal chibi

    General TV Discussion

    It's been re-released twice in recent years so it is not difficult at all to come across those now. The ones you stated are the core collection so you can go anywhere from there really. I absolutely recommend Coraline. One of the best children's books ever and one of my personal favourites too.
  11. Eternal chibi

    The General Conversation Area

    What a game as well. Against Germany, it had to be. I was so worried at the start of the second half!
  12. Eternal chibi

    General anime thoughts/discussion thread.

    I had this same conundrum but with a 10 year old boy and all I could come up with was dragonball and even parts of that would not make it to air on a children's slot these days.
  13. Eternal chibi

    What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

    Obsessed with this currently
  14. Eternal chibi

    Rate the Last Film You Watched

    lol! It's funny because I actually really like some viking films. It's probably the media depiction like ditchdigger said. It might also be because I fought bitterly against vikings in crusader kings iii and made me go all patriotic I watched Blow Out by Brian De Palma last night. The camera...
  15. Eternal chibi

    General TV/Movie News & Announcements

    Don't worry I will still watch the TV episode because it is really good, I have already watched about half I think However, I would rather watch the movie because it's a movie and is easier to watch than a load of TV episodes, especially when it is older stuff I am currently on the end of...
  16. Eternal chibi

    What Games Are You Playing?

    lol, I spent most of last friday berating the hell out of Stray whilst my friends played it and thought it was awesome dont even care, no you arent allowed to have fun if your fun is STUPID I have been replaying dark souls 3 with my soulsfriend and realised i failed nearly all quests in my...
  17. Eternal chibi

    What you guys doing right now.

    Glad to see a fellow Scotland appreciator. I went to Aviemore back in May, and will certainly be returning
  18. Eternal chibi

    General TV/Movie News & Announcements

    Oh nice! Well I am definitely gonna skip that then. I will watch Space Seed and then I can watch the movie. In a shiny new edition as well, perfect!
  19. Eternal chibi

    General TV Discussion

    I think when you watch a lot of stuff you start to see much more what is good and what isn't. When you've already seen some of the best tv has to offer, a mediocre show just won't cut it. Obi-wan was alright. One thing I thought was that it was really obvious when the writer had changed between...