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    Gintama movie adaption by Warner Brothers revealed

    A movie adaption of the manga and anime series Gintama is to be announced in next mondays issue of Weekly Shounen Jump in Japan.The production company Warner Brothers had registered the domain name earlier this month,but currently the page is not active. Source:Anime News...
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    Funimation Video Service Becomes Localised

    After a long period of maintenance to the video portal due to the One Piece incident a few weeks ago,it would seem that as of today Funimation has decided to localise it's video content to America only in order to tighten security. The video portal previously offered fans to sample several...
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    The christmas thread

    Yes it's that time of year again where jolly old saint nick is getting ready to visit little girls and boys in the night and fill their stockings(if anyone tried this at any other time of year they would be looking at a jail sentence).Have some funny festive stories to share of christmas...
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    Anime Central:So long and thanks for all the fish!

    Saw that there is already a topic :oops: :oops:
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    The retro gaming thread

    Got the idea from Blackwolf after reading through the forums.Basically it's where all fans of retro gaming (anything before ps2 really)can share their warm and perhaps traumatic memorios of their favorite retro games!
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    Gurren Lagann english dub trailer+clips

    Found this online earlier,sorry about the bad quality but it's all that is available now. object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
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    Gurren Lagann dub cast announcement

    Saw this on ANN,the dub cast for TTGL has been made public with the list as follows(i also included some of their dub roles) : Simon:Yuri Lowenthal(Pip Bernadotte,Aasuke Uchiha,Suzaku Kurugi) Kamina:Kyle Hebert(Sousuke Aizen) Yoko:Michelle Ruff (Rukia Kuchiki,Tsukasa Hiiragi) Viral:Sam...
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    Sayonara anime central?

    Basically a follow up on the other thread i created on the subject of anime central's lack of new programming.As of today anime central is no longer listed on the ofcom website and has been replaced with true entertainment.Now, this isn't definate news of the end(takes grim reeper hood off)as...
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    Tokyopop recon in preston

    Just thought i'd post this for anyone that's interested in or going to the tokyopop recon in the preston branch of waterstones on the 5th of august.Sounds like it's going to be as good as last time!^_^
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    Anime central on the way out?

    As many viewers will know,for the last few weeks anime central has been repeatedly re-running cowoby bebop and both series of ghost in the shell in triple bills,using up all of the timeslots.With cowboy bebop being finished every week or so, people are beginning to tire of the same episodes week...
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    Bleach:memories of nobody licensed

    Saw this on ann today,apparently viz plan to release the film in america winter this year, but are also planning a theatrical run during the summer.This is most likely to be exclusive to america but it would be good if we got a run over here to, like earthsea.
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    it's bleach........the musical 0_o

    i was searching amv when i found a trailer for bleach the musical :? i found a couple of clips for you to stare at in bewilderment <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode"...
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    Good luck Tomorrow^_^

    just a thread to wish everyone who's taking a gcse science exam tomorrow good luck! anyone feeling anxious,worried or just ultra confident let your feelings out here!
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    Haruhi suzumiya news

    I was just poking around the anime central site when i saw this: so, what could this "new series" be? :?
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    Evangelion rocks's art ^_^

    Hi! here's some of my art, i will post more as soon as possible ^_^ sorry about the quality i had to take photo's due to the fact i don't have a scanner!the first one i wanted to post was Rin from the excellent series Fate stay night, please tell me what you think!^_^